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Everyone: “Bluetooth smartwatches look nothing like actual watches!”

Noise: “Excusez Moi! We beg to differ!”

For those who love how a classic watch looks but still have a knack for technology, we engineered our latest Bluetooth smartwatch – NoiseFit Fusion.

The game-changer of the technological world, the NoiseFit Fusion is fated to provide you everything a fitness tracker can offer but more.  

Scroll down and ‘watch’ time slow down as we venture into what the NoiseFit Fusion stands to be.

A treat to the Eyes and the Hand:

The most remarkable feature about the NoiseFit Fusion is how it looks. Initially, when one takes a glance at this Bluetooth smartwatch, it seems to be a regular watch.

Well, here’s the catch.

This Bluetooth smartwatch works both ways- analog and digital.

You can always see the time with the mechanical hands of the watch and as soon as your Instagram pings, the watch notifies you what was it about. Moreover, the watch is covered with a beautiful premium stainless-steel case. 

Not just the software but the fitness tracker comes in different color variants too. From the classic black to vintage brown and rose gold, we got ’em all!


The Bluetooth smartwatch is more than just looks. We’ve managed to inculcate a bucket load of features into this product to make it your worth while!  

For starters, the Bluetooth smartwatch is water-resistant up to 5ATM. Not only this but it also acts as your health coach; with a 3-axis accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor, the watch tracks from your activity to your sleep and everything in between.

Remember the numerous ‘new year’s resolutions’ you make every year? The most common of them all is ‘kal se gym jaunga or Kal se diet shuru!’

The NoiseFit Fusion nudges you to move, snack and hydrate too!

Gone are the days when you required different specialists for tracking each aspect of your life.

We have the expert right here!

Comfortable and Versatile:  

Are you a corporate MNC professional who is required to be dressed in formals the whole time? Or are you a chill college kid wanting his technology to look the latest?

Irrespective of whatever category you fall into, the NoiseFit Fusion will ‘fit’ to every bit of your requirements and needs. 

The NoiseFit Fusion poses classic looks so you can waltz into your boardroom meeting, looking professional while still reaping the benefits of the new-age technology.

Since we’re on the subject of meetings, checking your cell phone seems like an impossible thing while the chairman is presenting the new sales targets. But choosing your girlfriend’s dress or replying to your mom about your whereabouts is unavoidable too! You won’t know if it’s any of the above situations until you view the text.

This is where the comfort of a Bluetooth smartwatch and specifically the NoiseFit Fusion comes in.

The NoiseFit Fusion shows all your social media notifications, call, and SMS alerts right on your 1.22” display. It even supports pre-set quick replies!

And not only this but it helps you set reminders too. Guess who’s never forgetting an anniversary now! And hey, this Bluetooth smartwatch makes for a great gift too!

Talking about comfort, this watch keeps you updated about everything happening around you. It shows you the weather forecast so you don’t end up ruining your favorite dress and your outing with a sudden splash of rain.

Moreover, you can easily play, pause and skip tracks for ultimate musical comfort.

We agree music control is somewhat what most smartwatches offer, however, what sets apart the NoiseFit Fusion is the camera control. Capture the perfect shot with just a tap on your smartwatch.

One might wonder, in relation to the features that this product can support, does it have sufficient battery life?

Well, your answer would be ‘positive’! The NoiseFit Fusion goes for full 30 days in analog mode and 3 days in the digital mode.

It’s everything you could ask for.

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