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It is that time of the year when there’s a slight nip in the air with the evenings coming in a little earlier than expected and you can just sense the excitement.

It’s also the gifting season where we want each gift to be perfect and truly appreciated but here’s the tricky part – getting it right for everyone.

With a plethora of options to choose from- gift hampers to personalized gifts to retail therapy to gift vouchers to gadgets – more often than not one is left feeling rather confused as to what would make the perfect gift. This is where having a clearer picture of details like budget, likes and dislikes helps in zeroing on the perfect gift! And with Diwali just around the corner and very little time left on hand, online shopping comes to rescue.

One such option is Noise Smart Diwali Sale. Since Diwali is the time when most people invest in gadgets, there can’t be a better time to invest in a bunch of them to make sure that you get them the latest and best technology.


Music + Technology Lovers

This one is for those who like their music and the freedom that accompanies it. The best way to do that is by giving them the superior audio experience with no strings attached a.k.a Bluetooth Headphones. At Noise Smart Diwali sale, you can choose from a range of Bluetooth headphones and give your loved ones the gift of upgrade.


Smart Wearables 

With most of us leading a fast-paced life with no breaks in between there is less chance of indulging in fitness activities that take care of our health and thoughtful gift of a bluetooth smartwatch with dedicated fitness feature or a fitness band is what makes Diwali even more special.


Action Camera

Diwali is all about creating memories and the best way to do so is to capture it through the lens and relive it all over again. Giving them Noise Play 4K Action camera makes for the lifetime of a gift and memories.



If you are looking for the best value for money offers then combo gifts are the way to go! With the option to go for a smartwatch and Bluetooth neckband, you can gift them encourage them to try out the latest technology while looking effortlessly stylish or if gently nudging them towards a healthier lifestyle is on your mind then getting them a fitness band with a pair of truly wireless headphones will certainly get them to embrace a fitter lifestyle.

Choose from Combo 1 (ColorFit Pro Smartwatch & TuneELITE Bluetooth Neckband) or Combo 2 (ColorFit 2 fitness band & Shots X1 AIR Truly Wireless Headphones) and give them the perfect gift.



With Diwali just around the corner, you sure would want to grab the best deals and if you are on the hunt to save on your gadgets then head on over to the Noise Smart Diwali Sale and get the best offers.

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