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The best part about choosing trekking as an activity is it’s truly for everyone. No matter your age or previous trekking experience, there’s always a path waiting for you.

However, trekking requires special gear. From clothes to backpacks, you have to be prepared for the walk.

As Terri Guillemets once said, “You need special shoes for hiking- and a bit of a special soul as well.”

We at Noise, like to add to it: “You need special shoes for hiking, a bit of a special soul and the perfect fitness tracker as well!”

Needing the perfect equipment for your soul adventure includes having a Bluetooth smartwatch to track all your adventures, making it one of the best stories to tell around the bonfire when all the friends reunite.

Our suggestion would be the Noise ColorFit PRO 2.

There’s nothing this fitness tracker smartwatch can’t do; from solving the mystery of the calories you burned and tracking your workouts, to calming you down when you land in a bit of a pickle, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 does it all.

9 Sport Modes

The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 is a Bluetooth smartwatch that helps you track 9 different sports! No matter if you’re just into hiking or a full-fledged cyclist, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 is the perfect investment!

And not just the sports tracking but the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 helps you track your overall health too while you’re on the hills, climbing the rocky roads with your backpack.

The Bluetooth smartwatch offers comprehensive activity and health tracking with the 24/7 heart rate monitor, sleep monitor plus step tracking and calories burned count.

Moreover, the fitness tracker also offers a sedentary alarm to give you the little push and motivation to get up and get going!

‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’

A lot of factors need to be considered when one decides to go on a trekking adventure. You need to monitor your health weeks in advance to make sure you’re physically fit for days of climbing a mountain with a heavy backpack by your side. As much as one needs to be physically fit, prepping yourself mentally is of huge importance too.

Feeling exhausted, and wanting to return midway on a trek is a feeling every hiker has been through at some point. That usually happens as a result of lower oxygen levels at higher altitudes and the increasing stress in your body.

The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 Bluetooth smartwatch helps you get over this too as it offers a ‘breathe mode’.

The breathe mode in the fitness tracker helps you control your breathing patterns which ultimately lowers your heart rate, thus decreasing your anxiety and stress level.

No wonder we call it a PRO!

Style + Proficiency & Comfort = Pure Bliss

The above equation seems near perfection, doesn’t it? Well, it is precisely what the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 offers.

Talking about style, gone are the days when Bluetooth smartwatches had to be the usual boring black. The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 comes in three magnificent colour variants: the classic black, the funky teal green and the uber-stylish grey which goes with all your outfits.

Next up is proficiency and comfort, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 gives you a luxurious experience while you use it.

Everything you want to perform with the watch can be easily controlled through the NoiseFit SPORT app. Every function, all your workout goals combined in one place, so that you can track ‘em and crush ‘em!

Moreover, the fitness tracker Noise ColorFit PRO 2 also helps one track the menstrual cycle too!

When we put in everything in one smartwatch, we definitely couldn’t leave out the fact that it’s waterproof too! Go for a quick swim beneath the starry sky of your resort’s open pool or jump in the river, we got you covered!

While this watch performs all this for you, we had to train it to never tire and never retire! So the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 holds a battery life of more than A WEEK!

Now say yes to long, impromptu trips and treks!

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