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Along with the main task of moving objects to the moving truck, there are three medals on each level that players can earn by completing the move in a certain amount of time. There are also three specific challenges on each level which gives some replayability, but not much beyond just having fun with friends.

Even though I just listed a lot of great things about the game, those things aren’t particularly profound or enduring. Customization is good, but not great. Moving things can be fun, but also very tedious, especially when some of the level designs seem different, but feel ultimately identical to past levels. A big issue is that general control of the characters can be terribly clunky, unresponsive and feel more frustrating than funny. It can be quite comical to have characters accidentally grab things or objects that move and shift unexpectedly. But when players are running around, rushing from place to place trying to beat times and fulfill challenges and movement feels clunky and players’ characters keep grabbing the wrong things, it becomes more annoying than entertaining. I understand that this game isn’t trying to become an Esport or triple A title, but tighter controls and movements would make for a better experience, especially when trying to hit those harder times and challenges.

Moving Out is a lot of fun, but it isn’t much more than a fun party game even though it tries to be. If it focused a little bit more on being a party game or a strong, puzzle-arcade game, then it would have succeeded a bit more. Cool levels, hilarious mistakes and antics can make the game entertaining for an hour or so with friends. But anything deeper than party level entertainment in gameplay or puzzle mechanics just doesn’t exist here.

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