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It’s a Black World after all.

Wale roots for everybody black, so he flips the script in hisWow…That’s Crazy‘s new music video featuring Kelly Price.

Starring Academy Award-winning nominee Lucas Hedges, the thought provoking visual finds the young white male experiencing life as an African-American in a world where caucasians are the minorities.

Directed by Kirby Jean-Raymond, Lucas begins his day in his apartment with his family where he comes across an eviction notice. Walking throughout the projects, he strolls past the ball courts and rides the subway as stereotypical billboards and posters appear throughout.

Inside a coffee shop, Lucas is caught in the midst of a racial profile incident, similar to the arrest of two black males at a Starbucks, and Wale films the the black officers escorting the white customers out the shop.

Elsewhere, Lucas visits his father in prison, where they play a game of chess while discussing his extreme sentence over a minor drug offence. The clip ends with raw footage from a real-life inmate of the prison’s housing condition in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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