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The Netherlands Film Fund has set up a national pot of relief money for film and TV workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, following similar moves in countries including the UK, France and India.

As per the territories above, Netflix is donating $1.1M (€1M) to the pot. The money will be administered by the producers of shutdown productions and will be earmarked for the most vulnerable workers. The Film Fund said it would publish exact criteria next week on its website.

The Netflix donation comes from its overall $100M relief pot, which is being put up for industry aid efforts during the coronavirus shutdown. The majority of that money, $85M, will go to Netflix productions, with a further $15M allocated for third parties.

The streamer established its first major European base in Amsterdam, which remains its EMEA headquarters, though it has since increased its presence in other Euro capitals including London and Paris.

“As a Fund, our goal is to continue the productivity of the Dutch film world and to ensure that the entire chain is maintained in such a way that beautiful Dutch productions can be seen this autumn and later. We’re very excited for Netflix’ support for film and TV professionals alongside the support the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science just announced for the broader cultural industry,” said Bero Beyer, CEO Netherlands Film Fund.

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