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Apart from brief mentions of the lives before, Sunday school and sermons rarely ever delve deep into an apostle’s life outside of his calling. This leaves a question of who the person was before they were called by God. My Name is Saul shines a light on the apostle and his life in prison. We get to see his true personality. He seems to have a handle of bleak humor which is seen throughout especially when he talks about his own death. This book is the biography of Apostle Saul of Tarsus. It is a deep dive into his early life and a chance to see that God will call you despite what or who you are.

One thing that stands out about this book is the depth of research that has gone into it. You can see it from the number of sources provided at the back. You can also see it from the amount of information provided. The author seems deeply invested in the subject with plenty of references to the Bible among other sources. This book gives readers a chance to see different dimensions of Saul before he was Paul. To understand his life as a father and husband. To understand his grief and his circling back to God. To some extent, to understand his astonishment of Aurelius.

The vivid manner in which this book is written has you right there with Saul, experiencing his life right beside him. This book grabs your attention right from the beginning. It keeps you hooked to the story and draws you to Saul both as a character and a person.

While this book can stand on its own, it seems to have the Bible as a prerequisite. It draws a lot from scripture and assumes that the reader has read the Bible. However, despite all of this you will find yourself wanting to know more about the story of Saul.

This is a story about loss, triumph and struggling with one’s faith. As Saul quotes, are we only to expect the good from God? This line right here stands out. It is from the first chapter and it unconsciously prepares you for what is to come. This book may help you understand a little more about loss, grief, acceptance, and everything in between. It will inspire you to appreciate your life for the days you lived and not give too much importance to the sufferings you underwent. In this and many other ways, Saul is inspiring. His story will renew your purpose and appreciation for life.

In these difficult times, a book like this is exactly what we need. A refreshing way of telling biblical stories. It lets you see Saul for the man he truly was.

Pages: 242 | ASIN: B0855GVTBW

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