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Kelly McMichael – “I Missed Out on Everything”

This starts with a Joan Jett style guitar intro before launching into a genre busting piece of indie gold. Dipping into folk, dream pop, and classic rock, “I Missed Out on Everything” is a great showcase of a talented artist. McMichael has powerful vocals that makes listeners swoon. In comparison, we were drawn to a Jessica Lea Mayfield comparison but with a more expanded sound. Lyrically, both artists shine, but Kelly McMichael shows a little more intentional sound construction. This Canadian songwriter has firmly planted herself into our musical consciousness and we are excited to hear more.

Emily Wolfe – “No Man”

“No Man” is a blistering celebration of self reliance. The anthemic track shows the world what we already know – Emily Wolfe is on an entirely different musical level than her peers. The track sways with swagger and a cocksure mentality both musically and lyrically. Instrumentally, it has some seriously infectious guitar parts that are further enhanced by claps. Wolfe is truly an impressive songwriter and “No Man” is an anthem you need to hear.

Julia Cannon – “The Shore”

Wow. We were absolutely blown away by Julia Cannon on every level. Her vocals are so enthralling, holding listeners captive by their elegant sway. Lyrically, her songwriting has a gentle ease to its construction, yet we can only imagine the intention and work behind their crafting. Honestly, we smiled our way through the first few listens of “The Shore”. This is a track which could easily explain why we as a site exist. The sheer talent and expert precision is to be celebrated and championed. Enjoy dear listener. This one is pure gold.

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