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Mutual funds are described as investment vehicles managed by a trust where the pooled money is invested according to regulations. This book allows the reader to understand mutual funds in a fundamental and deeper way. This book is a layman’s lesson on mutual funds delivering an education on risks and returns as well as the benefits and advantages over other forms of investments. Mutual Funds by R.K. Mohapatra inspires smart money management and investment diversification of various mutual fund varieties. It is a detailed and layered lesson on what it takes to successfully invest in mutual funds. In this era of distrust and inaccurate information, it is important to learn from an experienced award-winning individual with a vast knowledge on the subject.

Mutual Funds is tailored for someone with an interest in, but little knowledge of, mutual funds. The author’s 27 years of experience shine through brilliant explanations and discussion on the merits of mutual funds as well as related subjects. R.K. Mohapatra has written the book in a relatable way while still maintaining an air of professionalism.

Mutual Funds provides an in-depth understanding while also giving the reader an idea of the suitable category of mutual funds for them. It is written in simple language which is integral to understanding this relatively complex topic. The book starts slow, with definitions and a simple layman’s explanation of what mutual funds are. It then builds up to the more complicated stuff. This kind of writing is effective in helping you understand a subject without extensive consultation with a professional.

The author’s passion for personal finance and planning shine through on every page. Mutual Funds is a necessary first step to investing in mutual funds.

Pages: 156 | ASIN: B084M4SGMP

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