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Murder at First Pitch by Nicole Asselin is a story about a woman named Madeline Boucher who loves baseball based on early memories from her grandfather. Unfortunately, Madeline loses her job and has to figure out different options. Joining in on the family business as the new social media director for their baseball business, Madeline witnesses a horrible fight between her brother and another man who she has never met. A few days later, the body of this man is found when Madeline is walking through the park in the early morning.

Murder at First Pitch is a suspenseful read with a steady pace that keeps you consistently engaged. Just from the title, you know that you are in for a mystery. Readers get to know Madeline and who she is. Character development hit the mark and I felt like I could connect with her character. We all want to have the best career and sometimes the choices we’re given are not great. However, this new job is something that she has wanted to do for most of her life. Madeline is in a constant swirl of emotion. There is no time for a rest in her situation and you can feel that.

Nicole Asselin pays close attention to detail as she writes sharp, believable, dialogue. Asselin brings readers into the world of baseball but not hitting you over the head with it.

To anyone who reads this book, pay very close attention to all the clues. Some clues are subtle and slipped bast me. I was even trying to figure out some of the clues to solve the mystery. Asselin never gives anything away.

Readers looking for an absorbing mystery story won’t be disappointed. If you enjoy baseball then you’ll have an added bonus of baseball nostalgia flavoring the story, but don’t worry if you’re not a fan, the mystery is more than enough.

Pages: 188 | ASIN: B07TDGL668

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