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Comedy isn’t dead after all! Comedy Legend Mel Brooks and son Max have spent the internet into a frenzy over their hilarious PSA about being careful not spread the Coronavirus.

COVID 19 or the Coronavirus is dominating news headlines across the world. While broadcasts might seem a bit dull and grim at the moment, comedian Mel Brooks and his son Max have come up with a brilliant PSA.

The Public Service Announcement as seen on Twitter, has father and son standing on opposite sides of a glass door. Max, who is an author does most the talking as his 93-year-old dad stands inside the house waving. At the end of the video, Mel can be heard saying “Go home” to his son before Max tells him he loves him and walks out of frame. We wonder what it is like in the Brooks household with Mel around! Must be fun!

There is nothing Mel Brooks can’t do. After all, he has been in more movies than we’ve had cups of coffee. He’s done plenty of comedies over the years, he’s famous for his voice work as seen recently in the Hotel Transylvania films where he plays Vlad. Oh, and let’s not forget little Dennis’ maternal great-grandfather.

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Wanna see the PSA without having to search for it? Here’s the video!

[Credit – Max Brooks – Twitter

We wish Mel Brooks was our grandfather. He’d be awesome at family get togethers!

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