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Kate’s protective streak over Mary is elevated when she refuses to allow her stepsister to join the Bat Team, despite Julia being on a member.

Kate is struggling to tell Mary ‘no’ when she tries to join Team Bat on multiple occasions. Wanting to protect her, she explains she can’t join the mission to take down Tommy Elliot. However, she’s confused when Julia shows up and is told she’s just an ‘honorary’ member of the group.

Now that Mary is aware that Kate and Batwoman are one in the same, she is desperate to help her, but is met with resistance from not just her sister, but from Luke too. When Julia falls into a trap and the Bat is knocked unconscious, Lucius’ son is forced to call the socialite for help.

Mary is insistent that she help as the cousin of the nightclub owner owes her one for pumping her stomach. Luke refuses, telling her that Kate’s right and that the mission is too dangerous.

However, Luke’s reasoning for wanting to protect Mary is different to Kate’s. He doesn’t want her to suffer the same fate as his father who died protecting the journal Tommy wanted so badly.

Miss Hamilton Puts Her Life In Luke’s Hands

Mary, insistent and increasingly stubborn like her stepsister, says she is the only one who can help Kate. Luke caves and tells her that if she’s going to save her sister and Julia, she’s going to need gadgets.

This obviously excites her as Luke explains “they go with everything.”

Mary is given her wish and she infiltrates the nightclub where she runs into Aria, the Johnny dude’s cousin whom she has to convince to allow her to see him. Luke warns her not. to say Johnny is a mob boss and she does and is forced to cover her tracks.

Saving Kate And The Bad News

Mary walks into a mob auction just in time to bid $10Million on Batwoman. When questioned about how she is, the socialite she’s the heiress to Hamilton dynamics (which is true) and she has money to spend.

Though, she forces herself to lie and tells the guy questioning her that she could not care less about personal vendettas and all she wants is the suit. However, her ruse fails and the guy points out that $10Million won’t fit in the briefcase she has. She reveals she only $2.5Million on her but can wire the rest. The dude refuses.

Mary contacts Luke and tells him that she has good and bad news. It’s realised by the younger Fox that Magpie is attempting to break into a vault. She then orders the techie to cause some sort of distraction so she can get her sister out.

As Mary is freeing Kate, we see Julia saving herself from her own captors. Once the Bat is free, there is a massive fight where a load of bad guys are taken out. One of the evil dudes tried to kill Batwoman with her own grappling gun, only for it to backfire terribly on him.

Julia, Mary, and Kate regroup with it being revealed by the heiress that Magpie has the journal is headed for the roof. The Bat tells her sister to get Alfred’s daughter to safety.

The Bat vs. Magpie And Mary Gets A Thank You

Kate hurries to the roof and confronts Magpie which also ends up becoming a badass fight. Margot throws the journal over the side, causing Batwoman to go after it. When she returns, the former jail bird is gone.

Back on the street, Kate – dressed in civilian clothes – thanks Mary for saving her. She also apologises for always shutting her out. Her sister tells her to pick before she is given an explanation.

Kate explains that the reason why she keeps Mary at arms length is because she is trying to protect her. She adds that she cannot bear to lose another sister.

Mary Visits The Batcave

Luke takes Mary to the Batcave where she is in awe of everything she sees.

She tries to record video of the moment, but is cut off by Luke who tells her no one can know about it and that is the biggest secret she will never need to keep in her life.

There’s also a massive oops! Moment on Luke’s part when he accidentally reveals that Mary’s step-cousin, Bruce Wayne is – or was – Batman.

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