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A man who was shot by Chicago Police after getting caught moving between train cars will not face any charges.

Ariel Roman was seriously wounded on Friday afternoon after officers shot him twice — and the whole incident was captured on camera by a bystander.

The shocking video shows Roman struggling on the ground at a downtown train station, underneath two cops who are attempting to restrain him.


“Shoot him! Shoot him!” the male officer tells his female partner, as Roman begs “No no no no!”

“I didn’t do nothing to you officer,” he pleads; the male officer is seen lying on top of him, attempting to cuff one of his hands. A taser is seen lying on the ground, its wires appear to have been deployed and attached to Roman.

The female officer appears to discharge pepper spray in his eyes, as Roman begs “Please… please.”

The pair tell Roman several times “Stop resisting”, but he somehow manages to get to his feet. It is then the male officer tells his partner once again: “Shoot him.”

“Put your f–king hands down! Give him your hands!” the female officer roars, as she draws her firearm and aims at him; but Roman is just stumbling around, apparently wiping the pepper spray from his eyes. She then fires her weapon.

After being stuck by the bullet, Roman attempts to flee up the escalator, the taser still trailing behind him. The two officers give chase, and another deafening shot rings out. It also finds its target.

Roman was later taken to hospital in critical condition, suffering from gunshot wounds to his abdomen and buttocks. By Sunday he was in stable condition.

Police had been called on Roman after an officer reported a man jumping from one car to another — which is in violation of a city ordinance — and called for back-up.

On Sunday, Cook County prosecutors announced they would drop resisting arrest and criminal narcotics charges against him, at the request of Chicago PD.

“Given the totality of circumstances and the department’s significant level of concern around this incident, it would be insensitive to advocate for these charges,” police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. “While we will not rush to judgment, the level of concern over the tactics used in this incident is significant.”

Roman’s family attorney Gloria Schmidt Rodriguez said he would likely need multiple further surgeries.

“The Roman Family is pleased with the decision of the State Attorney’s Office and the Chicago Police’s Department’s decision to dismiss all charges,” she said in a statement. “He remembers everything about the incident that took place and is fully committed to cooperating with the various investigations. They thank the City of Chicago for all of their prayers and support and request for privacy during this very difficult time.”

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