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Malcolm Runs Into an Old Friend in Prodigal Son Episode 1.16 Clips 

Malcolm Runs Into an Old Friend in Prodigal Son Episode 1.16 Clips

FOX has released three new Prodigal Son clips in anticipation of the series’ return on Monday, March 16, following a brief hiatus. Episode 1.16, titled “The Job,” features the aftermath of Malcolm stabbing his father and how Martin will use that to blackmail Malcolm’s mother, as well as an old friend reuniting with the profiler. You can check out the clips for the new episode below!

The official synopsis for episode 1.16 reads:

“A motorcycle gang robbery turns into a murder; Malcolm (Tom Payne) runs into an old friend, and they work to uncover the identity of the murderer; Martin (Michael Sheen) blackmails Jessica (Bellamy Young), exchanging his silence about who stabbed him for more quality time with his son.”

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Prodigal Son centers on a criminal psychologist named Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne), who knows how killers think because his father, Martin Whitly (Michael Sheen), is a notorious serial killer known as “The Surgeon.” Malcolm will use his twisted genius and razor-sharp instincts as a forensic profiler to help the NYPD solve crimes and stop killers, all while dealing with a manipulative mother, annoyingly normal sister, and a homicidal father still looking to bond with his prodigal son and his own constantly evolving neuroses.

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