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It is no secret that Eva Marcille and her ex Kevin McCall are not in a good spot, and they’ve been to court when it comes to the custody of their 6-year-old daughter Marley.

Eva has been very open about Kevin not being in their daughter’s life, and she even has been open about her husband Michael Sterling being more of a father figure to Marely, seeing as how he has helped raise her. With all of those factors, Eva shared the process they went through to change her daughter’s last name to Sterling.

It looks like singer Lyfe Jennings was catching up on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and he saw the process Eva had been going through to change her daughter’s last name. However, he doesn’t think it was right of her to do so, so he let her know through social media.

On Sunday, Lyfe said, “I think this is so wack. Changing ya daughter’s last name from her father’s to somebody else’s. Especially when the father tries to see her. The daughter don’t have anything to do with their beef. And what kind of man allows that????? Sh*t pissed me off. I expected better out of Eva.. sh*t personal to me!!! I’ve been there.”

Recently Eva appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” where she talked about the process of changing Marley’s name, and the reason why she made the decision.

After receiving some backlash for his opinion, Lyfe clapped back and pretty much stood his ground on his prior statement. He even offered Kevin McCall some words of advice as he let him know he was rooting for him.

Roommates, what are your thoughts?


TSR STAFF; Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94


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