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Luke being shot isn’t the only issue Bat Team has to deal with in this week’s episode…

[Please Be Advised That This Post Discusses Racism And Corruption]

After the previous episode ended on a cliffhanger revolving around Luke being shot, we return this week with the same questions; will the corruption within the Crows stop and will our favourite techie survive his encounter with Tavaroff?

This week’s Batwoman bought about the waterworks a number of times and we’re proud of the show it is becoming. As much as we loved Season 1, there needed to be improvements as there was pacing issues that didn’t make sense. The series has finally found its footing with the latest batch of episodes exploring racism, and corruption on a much larger scale.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Will Luke Being Shot Result In Him Embracing the Idea Of Following Bruce, Kate, And Ryan’s Leads?

[Credit: Bloody Disgusting]

With Luke rushed to the hospital, Mary and Ryan frantically do everything in their power to save him. With Kate’s stepsister using the desert rose to create a cure and the new Batwoman going out and trying to work out who shot their friend, the ladies have their hands full. This results in Sophie being called in to help.

As Luke struggles for his life, he pulled into his subconscious, he is greeted by two familiar sights; Bruce Wayne and the figure of his late father, Lucius.

We cut to Luke and Bruce throughout the episode as the tech genius struggles to decide what to do. Return to the world of the living or be reunited with his father. Seeing Fox’s internal thoughts gives a pretty good idea of his headspace. He is tired of being a target because of the colour of his skin. The situation is highlighted when a news report is seen on the television of how the people of Gotham are protesting against the Crows and want them shut down.

Tavaroff, who is a colossal asshole anyway, tells Jacob that Luke pointed a gun at him and he reacted as he should. The commander knows he’s lying as he knows Lucius’ son as he worked for Kate. He points out it would be out of character for him to wield a weapon of any description.

Towards the end of the episode, Luke comes out of his coma despite deciding to join his father. We know from next week’s promo which is entitled, ‘Rebirth’, that he has a chat with a familiar face. But, will this talk inspire him to become a Bat of Gotham like Bruce, Kate, and Ryan?

Ryan (As Batwoman) Makes Jacob Realise The Corruption Within The Crows And Alice Goes To Her Father For Help

[Credit: Bleeding Cool]

During Sophie and Ryan’s mission to get the meta-data files from the Crows’ database that will exonerate Luke, the former Crow sees on the monitor that Tavaroff has knocked out Jacob and is going to kill him. Moore tells the new Batwoman to save her former boss and to leave the files. Wilder is not happy but does what she is told.

After taking out of Tavaroff and his murder of Crows (get it?), Ryan makes Jacob realise that the organisation he founded is not the same as it was. The agents that were meant to be protecting Gotham are now part of the problem. It is because of them that an innocent black man almost died. This is also the reason Sophie quit. She couldn’t sit back and do nothing.

Later, Ryan joins Mary in Luke’s hospital room, waiting for his wake up. They see on the news that Jacob has disbanded the Crows with his third daughter texting him to say she’s proud of him.

After Jacob packs up his office at the now-abandoned Crows headquarters, he goes to his car to find Alice waiting for him. She chastises the Crows’ security measures before cutting to the chase. She informs her father that her sister still alive. At first, he doesn’t believe her. Nor should he. She’s caused him nothing but grief since her ‘return from the dead’. However, she tells him Kate is in Gotham, brainwashed by Black Mask and going by the name Circe.

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