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L’Rain’s new album, Fatigue, is coming out in a couple weeks. We’ve already heard “Two Face” and “Blame Me” from it and today we’re getting another new song, “Suck Teeth.” “I’m thinking through childhood and having children, wondering if it’s possible for someone to prevent their failures and shortcomings from getting passed on,” Taja Cheek said of the track in a statement, continuing:

“‘Suck Teeth” was originally going to be the name of the entire album because I loved how it encapsulated a very Black sound of disapproval, annoyance, and disappointment. This song also includes a hand game I made up with my collaborator Ben Chapoteau-Katz to add to the percussive sound in the second verse. I wanted to very specifically invoke children’s play, even if it wasn’t obvious, I wanted the listener to feel it.

Listen below.

Fatigue is out 6/25 via Mexican Summer.

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