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Loud Luxury and Brando rejoin on new follow up to platinum debut collaboration ‘Body’Loud Luury Love No More Armada

Loud Luxury and Brando pick up where they left off with the first collaborative effort since platinum-selling debut record “Body.” Brando and the Loud Luxury duo have proven their collaborations have the capacity to take over the world, and new single “Gummy” seemingly has the legs to follow suit.

The track plunges the listener straight into Brando’s captivating vocals amidst a pulsing house backdrop. The track builds into a booming club-ready break, polished by a infectiously catch melody. The success of “Body” was almost certainly due to the track’s euphoric appeal across sets at the main stage, cruising in the car, or partying in a club. “Gummy” bears similar characteristics to “Body,” which lends additional credibility to Brando and Loud Luxury’s obvious chemistry.

Loud Luxury speaks about the track in an official release, saying, “This song is very special to us. ‘Gummy’ is the first song we made with Brando after releasing ‘Body’ and feels like we’re picking up exactly where we left off. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.”

“Gummy” is out now via Armada Music.

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