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“Even as the world continues to speed up, there is always time to stop and take care of yourself,” E.M. Allen, the songwriter of Loose Koozies, told American Songwriter.

While the ramifications of the “world continues to speed up” part are really starting to become clear in this whole pandemic situation, Allen’s words still ring true that there’s always time to make sure you’re giving yourself necessary substance and attention.

This concept is really delved into on Loose Koozies’ new single “Forget To Think,” which comes off their forthcoming debut record Feel A Bit Free (due March 27 via Outer Limits Lounge Records). 

“‘Forget To Think’ was a mantra of sorts that I created for when I become overwhelmed by decisions,” Allen said. “After all, sometimes picking up the phone to text someone back can seem as monumental a feat as the hardest things that life has to throw at us. The mantra reminds me to take a second to collect myself, go pet my dog or watch a dumb video on YouTube, clear my brain and course correct.”

The accompanying music video for “Forget To Think” is also sure to tickle the fancy of any fans of The Band, as it is an homage to the fantastic YouTube oddity that is this video of Rick Danko giving a bass lesson. Everything from the wood-paneled walling to the quality of Danko’s bass playing to the quality of his Hawaiian shirt makes this video an absolute treasure — and Loose Koozies leaned into that when making their music video. It is a must-watch.

In these trying times, the humanist message of “Forget To Think” is a welcomed mantra, and we should be glad that folks like Allen are getting it out there.

Watch the music video for Loose Koozies’ new single “Forget To Think” below: 

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