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Whether you’re a karaoke fanatic or just like to sing in general, your neighbors probably don’t appreciate your voice nearly as much as you do. Well thanks to our friends in Japan, there’s a solution!

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This ridiculous looking contraption is designed to let you sing as loud as you want, but without disturbing others around you. From what I can tell, the Utaet Voice Training Silent Karaoke Mic is basically a rubber funnel you sing into that redirects the sound away from the room, and back into your own ear. As silly as it looks, it really does appear to work, cutting your volume by as much as 70%, as you can see in the video demo below:

The Japan Trend Shop has these for sale for $70 each, plus another $20 for shipping. I’m thinking for that price you could just get a funnel and a hose, cobble together one for yourself, and save the rest of your money for singing lessons.

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