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Considering that I’m being asked, like everyone in New York City, to self-isolate because of Covid-19 and anticipate something more severe, I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to you. I don’t imagine an end of world scenario; but I do recognize that, just like after 911, the U.S. is going to change. I see a lethal nonfictional continuation of a Dickens’ tale of two cites, in the twenty-first century: best of times for some, inhumanely worst of times for others. We, poor and working class, at the very least, can expect our peace of mind to be shredded and most of the financially secure and rich to sleep, of course, like babies. Let me not get into epithets or social inequality so quickly: I’m headed somewhere more personal, assuming political implications becoming obvious. I want to address loving communication.

Loving communication, perhaps prompted by educator Raquel Rios’ blog post on Conscientious Engagement. She writes of the recent loss of her adored husband, while weaving in the subject of spiritual erotic love, in a way that is inspiring. I’d like to build on what Raquel sensitively shares, as I’m sure she would want anyone who reads her writing to do: Given current events, every kind of interpersonal love that exists should be surfaced. If you believe in God(s), they may appreciate love and communication getting attention right now—the same kind of attention, young modern-day Satanists invoking Milton’s iconic romantic rebel would like to nurture in their temples. Let me not stray into religion either right now; however, know my ask includes a strong association with morality. 

I want to talk with you, wherever your gaze is set at this moment in history, no matter what’s preoccupying you; but you may not be ready for me, and I don’t trust you to listen carefully and understand me. I wonder if you are willing and capable of understanding what I have to say. I’m not suggesting that I’d be capable of totally getting you; however, with confidence, expect me to listen carefully and an earnest effort to sustain a meaningful open-ended dialogue. Wager love will be needed to settle misunderstandings along the way.  

Here, things get a little tricky: As much as I value face-to-face contact and the sound of language(s), I think and express myself better in writing rather than speaking; I write to better think and feel. I believe that for anyone who has a decent vocabulary and cognitive ability, writing would be their best medium for sharing complex ideas and emotions; this conclusion is widely accepted. Not long ago in history, exchanging letters was the only option available for two people apart; think how rare this is today. Extended written dialogues of substance, that carry some weight, that may lead to action is alien to most people now, especially the young. At times, I can’t believe what passes as communication today. All this technology and social media ultimately for what? Voyeurism, consumption, distraction from the pain of reality? Being part of the herd, I have to plead guilty to all of the above. So let’s see if we can help each other do better right now. You rather not? 

Now, why exactly would you object to an open-ended written dialogue with me, forget initiating such a thing? If not for you, would you do me a favor and honestly tell me why not? The proverb goes, “You can not get blood out of a stone.” I say, take a hold of an authentic Bloodstone, known for its healing potential in certain circles; look up at the moon; add a little imaginative thinking; voice a few evocative words with intentionality; and you never know. This seems like a spell worth casting. Over the years, I’ve come to believe words are magic; of course, not literally magic, but you know what I mean: as close as we come to in the real world.

You may think this message is not meant for you or that it’s specifically for you: take a guess. With who(m) and how are you communicating these days? What are you trying to accomplish, locked down or not, wherever you are? We know what the haters, nearby to the White House, are up to by now, yes? For sure, loving communication is not and will never be on their agenda. I want to believe I was born and will die a lover. You have my address: just don’t cross me.

Think about it: an open-ended written dialogue mixed with love at an unprecedented time in your life, when you might be wondering how to best spend your time, knowing time runs out soon enough for everyone. Of course, you can always have this dialogue with your self, if need be, and make that your experiment.   







Until next time,
keep writing.





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