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Power-duo Jade Alcantara and Grace Bennett formed the project Sub*t as a post-pandemic rise up with full-fledged, gritty 90s angst on their debut single “Boxing Day.” The duo fused their talents regardless of their distance between each other, creating music together by sending voice memos between their homes in New York and Los Angeles, showing the sheer creativity that spawned from those limitations. 

The love the two have for live music is evident in the song, grabbing elements from 90s icons like Liz Phair in their chesty, straight-to-the-point vocals. The melodic, fuzzy guitar tone is reminiscent of early 2000s Silversun Pickups and is contrasted by grungy, distorted guitar solos and simple drumming. 

After years of living in mosh-pits and fully embracing the live music community, the two decided to use their passion to teach themselves guitar and vocals to record the beautifully gritty bedroom track “Boxing Day.” The angsty, rambly song will be stuck in your head for days, combining a 90s sound with appropriately angsty lyrics that embody being a young woman in the music scene.

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