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Photo by Mikaela Lungulov-Klotz

Model/Actriz can pump you up in such a specifically grimy loud way. It’s industrial, metallic, and greasy, but it has these clean driving rhythmic elements you’ll find in club music. Cole Haden’s sharp breaths make the hairs on your arms stand on end in anticipation of the hook. Listening to this band is always a kind of sensual experience, and if you’ve been to any one of their shows you know that this spooky sexy intense feeling is elevated and hands-on.

Their new single “Suntan” is as dramatic and exciting as you’d hope, opening up with the existential verse:

Eyes leaned out the skull
Stare glossed over me
Name dissolving to
Grit between the teeth

…eventually leading into an apocalyptic chorus of “As the center is collapsing…. on you”

If you’re looking to feel anything intensely, whatever it is, “Suntan” will bring it out.


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