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We finally get to see the turtles morph and go into action. It’s a glorious sight to behold. The designs are awesome, and it’s really fun to see them enjoying some new powers. It’s also interesting how the Rangers’ weapons seem to have undergone some changes, such as turning the Power Daggers into nunchucks or the Power Sword into sai. I also think it’s great that April gets to join in on the fight, and she seems to enjoy it. They even fire the Power Cannon!

We also get to see the Rangers “ninja up,” and honestly, I am with Kimberly when she says, “Can we wear these all the time now, please?” I would love it. They each have a unique style, and they’re all amazing in different ways. I think it’s great that they then go with Casey to the Technodrome and everything is going fine for a bit and then crap hits the fan when they get attacked by the Foot and some new Putty Soldier Elites which are combinations of Putties and Foot Soldiers. Oof. After rescuing Tommy, they all get out just fine with Tommy trying to convince Tyler to leave the Foot.

After all the villains fail at their jobs, Rita and Shredder talk and come to the conclusion that something else must be done. So, they unleash Bebop and Rocksteady and then make them grow. The Rangers still don’t have their powers, so that means only one thing: the Turtles get to drive the Megazord! This is so freaking awesome! What kid didn’t dream of this mashup? This is exactly the kind of mashup fans have wanted, and I’m so happy we’re getting it.

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