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So, Samuel is apparently watching the alien, which he has named Chip because it eats a lot of chips. He also gets flashes of memories from Leon who disappeared at the end of the last issue. I guess Chip absorbed him somehow? It’s weird. Anyway, Samuel then does his podcast about how people need to stop being sheep, and this is when you realize Spurrier is very good at writing emo teenagers. It’s very well-written and feels like you’re reading a teenager who thinks they’re smarter and more mature than anyone else.

Well, the Sams meet at school and see the popular girl Chelsea sucking it up to literally everyone about Leon disappearing. During this time, Chip lets Samir get a quick glimpse inside her head and sees what she really thinks, and it’s all about her.

The irony surrounding Samuel in this episode is a bit much in my opinion. For example, he’s thinking about how terrible and self-absorbed Chelsea is that he doesn’t realize he’s just as bad and self-absorbed. A kid named Vern tries becoming his friend, but Samuel’s too absorbed being jealous and envious of Chelsea thinking he deserves to get the attention she’s getting.

The Sams meet up, and Samuel shows them how Chip can show them Leon’s thoughts or memories. They then somehow go and mentally visit Chelsea I think. It wasn’t really explained that well. They do pretend to be angels of God though and “prank” Chelsea in hopes that it’ll scare her to being a better person. However, after Samantha and Samir exit this weird activity, Samuel seemingly lets Chip eat her mind or something? It’s once again not clear. I’m not going to lie, this is pretty messed up. I’m not sure I like where this is headed.

At the very end, Samuel gets home and his mom says they need to talk.She doesn’t look happy. She doesn’t look mad though, it’s more of a worried, scared, sad, disappointed look. I think next episode there’s going to be more about Leon and that’s what is going to really shape the story.

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