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Thanks to the Arduino team for highlighting this one – a group of Folsom Lake College students in California constructed a 16′ x 8′ periodic table with 4,000 individually-controlled LEDs.

The table is built using addressable LED strips and each element has 30 LEDs in them. There’s also an Android app to fully control the elements individually – apparently you can also address elements by group, with each element having three different possible colors.

Power hungry but impressive, I’m sure you’ll agree.

There’s an Arduino behind it, and it was flagged by Graspery on the Arduino Reddit:

My and couple of my classmates built a 16 by 8 feet periodic table for Folsom Lake College. It has close to 4000 LEDs that are individually controlled. The table has an arduino with bluetooth module and we wrote android app to control the table wirelessly. Everything is custom made at our workshop.

There’s also more pics on Instagram.

You can read more Arduino-based content on our own Arduino section.

[Via twitter – Arduino]

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