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HAPPY TUESDAY NEW RELEASE DAY!! SO MANY AMAZING books by our very favorite authors just went live today, and my blurb jolts are HUGE!!!!! Plus, we already have amazing feedback for one of ’em. Let’s read! 😀

BLURB JOLTS!! YES!!! 😀 The Sinner (latest BDB, and she’s suffering through her transition, she doesn’t know what’s going on… and then he appears), The Return (her best friend goes missing, and suddenly shows up 2 years later, but something is different…) The Herd (psych-thriller!! A group of empowering women that everyone wants to be a part of, but they’re not… so… perfect.) The Honey-Don’t List (they work for a famous TV couple that hate each other, and now they have to go on tour with them), Problem Child (I LOVED book #1 – she’s a sociopath, and I’m so excited for this one!!)

Yvonne: Cannot wait for BDB The Sinner woohoo

Harper: Can’t wait for The Honey-Don’t List !!!!

Tasha J: I finished The Herd last night. My first 2020 read complete and such a great start to the year! I love, love dramatic mystery/thrillers where you’re so stuck in the character’s heads, finding out their inter workings and what not, that the secrets and surprises are just thrilling bonuses to the book.

I went in blindly, because I look at so many books, I thankfully forgot the synopsis so it was even better for me. I guessed at everything from the very beginning and that is one of my favorite parts. Unputdownable

And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out:


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  1. The Sinner: The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Book 18 by J.R. Ward
  2. The Return by Rachel Harrison
  3. The Herd: A Novel by Andrea Bartz
  4. Problem Child: A Jane Doe Thriller by Victoria Helen Stone
  5. Twice a Wish: Goddess Series, Book 2 by Pepper Winters
  6. After All: Cape Harbor by Heidi McLaughlin
  7. The Honey-Don’t List by Christina Lauren
  8. Shameless with Him: Less Than, Book 3 by Carrie Ann Ryan
  9. If I Never Met You: A Novel by Mhairi McFarlane
  10. Before Anyone Else by Leslie Hooton


Tasha J: How to Walk Away? Did you read that one yet? LOVE that one! …This one gave me the same feels as Me Before You. There’s a sexy PT *waggles eyebrows* and I just loved Margaret and her sister’s relationship. Heartwarming book.

bev: The Kiss Quotient is on sale. I really enjoyed this one.

Carla: Have you read The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang? …It’s kind of a mix of this book with pretty woman. I love it. I couldn’t even sleep till I finish it.

R. Renee: I listened to The Kiss Quotient audiobook on my drive to Dallas for Holidays with the Belles this weekend and loved it! I thought the narrator was fantastic for Stella.

Kathy: Read the Kiss Quotient. Loved it!!


  1. The Sinner (The Black Dagger Brotherhood series Book 18) by J.R. Ward <— J.R. WARD BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD ALERT!!! SHE MIGHT NOT make it through her transition… “…Syn has kept his side hustle as a mercenary a secret from the Black Dagger Brotherhood. When he takes another hit job, he not only crosses the path of the vampire race’s new enemy, but also that of a half-breed in danger of dying during her transition. Jo Early has no idea what her true nature is, and when a mysterious man appears out of the darkness, she is torn between their erotic connection and the sense that something is very wrong…”
  2. Lion in Waiting: Tales of the Were (Grizzly Cove Book 15) by Bianca D’Arc
  3. Academy Of Beasts VI: Shifter Romance by Becca Fanning
  4. Royal Alien Mate (Savage Martians Book 1) by Sue Mercury
  5. Twisted Captive: A Rumpelstiltskin Retelling (Twisted Ever Alpha) by Patricia D. Eddy
  6. The Dragon of Sedona (The Treasure of Paragon Book 4) by Genevieve Jack
  7. Hybrid Mate (Everglow Pack Book 3) by Liam Kingsley
  8. Highlander Avenged: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander In Time Book 7) by Rebecca Preston
  9. Of Flame and Fury: A Weird Girls Novel (Weird Girls Flame Book 3) by Cecy Robson
  10. The Edge of it All (Mosauran Book 1) by Jessica Grayson


  1. The Honey-Don’t List by Christina Lauren <— CHRISTINA LAUREN ALERT!!! THEY WORK FOR A TV FAMOUS HOME RENOVATING COUPLE (but they’re hard to work for because of how much they hate each other)… “…Unfortunately, neither of them is in any position to quit. Carey needs health insurance, and James has been promised the role of a lifetime if he can just keep the couple on track for a few more weeks. While road-tripping with the Tripps up the West Coast, Carey and James vow to work together to keep their bosses’ secrets hidden, and their own jobs secure. But if they stop playing along—and start playing for keeps—they may have the chance to build something beautiful together….
  2. Gaming Grace (Gone Wild Book 2) by Piper J. Drake
  3. Unflappable: A Novel (a funny, dark, sexy adventure with a big cast of unconventional characters, both human and not) by Suzie Gilbert
  5. Love is What You Bake of it (The Meraki Series Book 1) by Effie Kammenou <— PASTRY CHEF WAS LEFT BROKEN-HEARTED... “…Eight years later, Kally is a successful pastry chef running the café she’d always dreamed of owning. With a home of her own, a profession she’s passionate about, and the support and love of friends and family, Kally is content with the life she has carved out for herself.  Until the day Max Vardaxis walks into her café… With arguing parents, meddling relatives, an overly energetic grandmother, a man-crazy best friend, and the long ago, mysterious disappearance of a grandfather, this new man in town is just one more complication in Kally’s life, if not the main one…P.S. Don’t forget to enter this giveaway!!! She’s this week’s newsletter sponsor and she’s giving away three prizes! ➔ Effie Kammenou’s “Love is What You Bake of It” is LIVE, so she’s sent over an excerpt, a Five Fun Facts + we’re having a giveaway!
  6. This Thing Called Love (Forget-Me-Not Ranch Book 2) by Sara Richardson
  7. DARK: A DARK BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE (The Boyne Club Book 1) by Vi Carter
  8. Crossing The Line (Wilde Ways Book 7) by Cynthia Eden <— CYNTHIA EDEN ALERT!! THEY HAVE TO GO UNDERCOVER AS LOVERS… “…he wants her desperately. Not that he ever intends to let her know that fun fact. Instead, he keeps up a fake persona where he offers her jokes and flippant comments. Blair is straight-laced. By-the-book. Always by-the-book. Linc likes things a bit wilder. Control isn’t his strong suit, but, with a massive effort, he’s kept his control in place around Blair. With Blair, he’s on his best behavior…”
  9. Easy to Fall (Hard to Love Book 4) by W. Winters
  10. Changing Tides (Lobster Bay Book 2) by Meredith Summers
  11. From The First Verse (Life of Debauchery Duet Book 1) by R. Robinson <— INTRIGUING!!! ONCE UPON A TIME… “…Her diary became the only thing she could rely on. No one saw through her looking glass. No one cared. No one tried. Until the villain presented himself as the hero in her life. He took and took and took some more. With no regret. With no shame. With no apology. The page never turned. Their story didn’t end. Tomorrow never came. His life of debauchery was their journey to nowhere.She’d give anything to go back in time…”
  12. Easy Rider: Second Chance, Bad Boy Brothers, Cowboy Romance (The Wild Wests Book 2) by Adriana French
  13. Hunting for Alyssa (Alpha Recovery Book 3) by Mandy Morgan
  14. Bully Me: Class of 2020 <— BULLY ANTHOLOGY (eight new stories!!) “…Loving your tormentor isn’t easy, especially when they collect broken hearts and parade them around like trophies. They’re the bad boys, the alpha a**holes, and the thorns in our sides. They push us past our limits, turn us on, and break us…”
  15. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Jackson Family Distillery Book 1) by Mariah Ankenman
  16. Longing in Los Angeles (Ticket to True Love) by Julie Strauss
  17. Secrets & Beyond by K. M. Bishop
  18. The Herd by Andrea Bartz <— PSYCH-THRILLER & MY BOOK-TWIN LOVED IT!!! Women colleagues and part of an elite group that everyone wants to be in… “…Eleanor is a queen among the Herd’s sun-filled rooms, admired and quietly feared even as she strives to be warm and approachable. As head of PR, Hana is working around the clock to prepare for a huge announcement from Eleanor—one that will change the trajectory of the Herd forever. Though Katie loves her sister’s crew, she secretly hopes that she’s found her next book subject in Eleanor, who’s brilliant, trailblazing—and extremely private. Then, on the night of the glitzy Herd news conference, Eleanor vanishes without a trace. Everybody has a theory about what made Eleanor run, but when the police suggest foul play, everyone is a suspect...”
  19. Let’s Get Physical (Love Is… Book 2) by Cassie Cross
  20. Mom Genes: A Novel (Forest River PTA Moms) by Hilary Grossman
  21. Problem Child: A Jane Doe Thriller by Victoria Helen Stone <— PSYCH-THRILLER ALERT!!! OMG I LOVE THIS AUTHOR & I LOVED book #1 in this series!! One of my absolute favorites, because the heroine is so believable and cunning (and she’s a sociopath, so I LOVE being in her head)… “…Jane’s deeply troubled sixteen-year-old niece, Kayla, has vanished, and no one seems to care. Neither does Jane. Until she sees a picture of Kayla and recognizes herself in the young girl’s eyes. It’s the empty stare of a sociopath. Jane knows what vengeful and desperate things Kayla is capable of. Only Jane can help her—by being drawn into Kayla’s dark world. And no one’s more aware than Jane just how dangerous that can be...”
  22. The Return by Rachel Harrison <— OOOH THRILLER/HORROR ALERT!!! HER FRIEND DISAPPEARS BUT A STRANGER COMES BACK INSTEAD... “...Two years to the day that Julie went missing, she reappears with no memory of where she’s been or what happened to her. Along with Molly and Mae, their two close friends from college, the women decide to reunite at a remote inn. But the second Elise sees Julie, she knows something is wrong—she’s emaciated, with sallow skin and odd appetites...”
  23. Code of Honor (Cipher Security Book 2) by April White
  24. Switching Octaves (The Rock Gods: East Coast Label Book 2) by Ann Lister <— M/M ROMANCE ALERT!! The rock star and the cop… “...I hear a bass line in anything the guys throw at me, then take those jumbled run of notes and turn it into something our fans will want to buy. I’m also a man who doesn’t do messy or complicated, and I keep my emotions out of the game—until now. FDNY Lieutenant Sean Conley, one of New York’s bravest, has ruined me for all others because I allowed myself to feel...”
  25. My Other Half (Must Love Dogs Book 4) by Megan Slayer <— M/M ROMANCE ALERT!!
  26. Cold Justice (The Asylum Fight Club Book 4) by Bianca Sommerland and Tibby Armstrong
  27. Catfish (Illusive Duet Book 1)
  28. Pike: Pawned Duet, Book One by T.M. Frazier <— T.M. FRAZIER DARK ROMANCE ALERT!! SHE’S HIS PAWN… “...I was raised by the violent laws of the streets, spilling blood without the hindrance of useless emotions or connections.
Unfeeling. Unloved. Alone. My life was perfect. Until her. While on a manhunt for a mysterious enemy, one hellbent on taking both my business and my life, I find Mickey. She’s covered in mud, rambling nonsense, and clearly out of her mind.…”
  29. A Lass to Love: Scottish Historical Romance (Brides of Scotland Book 1) by Tammy Andresen
  30. The Billionaire Matchmaker Test (Billionaire Online Dating Service Book 5) by Elle James
  31. Between Us by Mari Suggs
  32. Twice a Wish (GODDESS ISLES Book 2) by Pepper Winters <— PEPPER WINTERS DARK READ ALERT!! He bought her… “…Eleanor Grace belongs to the man and the monster, hating them both but unable to deny that something links them. Something she doesn’t want to feel...”
  33. Fiery Surrender (Trinity Masters Book 11) by Mari Carr and Lila Dubois
  34. Unforgotten Passion (Dirty Sexy Fairy Tales Book 4) by Erika Wilde
  35. Attracting Aubrey: Gone Wild by Avery Flynn
  36. Dream Lover (Propositions and Proposals #1): A Fake Boyfriend Romance by Ryan Michele
  37. A Cowboy and his Fake Marriage: A Western Cowboy Sweet Romance (Chestnut Ranch Cowboy Billionaire Romance Book 6) by Emmy Eugene
  38. After All (Cape Harbor) by Heidi McLaughlin <— SINGLE MOM STILL GRIEVING HIM… “…Desperate to move forward, Brooklyn has focused on raising her daughter for the past fourteen years. But when the opportunity comes along to renovate the old Driftwood Inn, Brooklyn knows it’s time to go home. But it won’t be easy. For one, Austin’s best friend, Bowie Holmes, still lives in Cape Harbor. Brooklyn hasn’t quite been able to forget him: not since the night they spent together—the same night they both lost Austin…”
  39. Sleeping With My Boss: A Steamy Workplace Romance by Vivian Wood
  40. Sweet Obsession: A Dark New Adult Romance (Ruthless Games Book 1) by Callie Rose
  41. How Not To Be A Loser: The perfect uplifting read for 2020 by Beth Moran
  42. Shameless With Him (Less Than Book 3) by Carrie Ann Ryan <— UNREQUITED CRUSH ON THE BAD BOY NEXT DOOR… P.S. It CAN be read as a standalone “…Zoey Wager has loved Caleb since they were eight. And has had her heart broken from afar repeatedly ever since. It doesn’t help that every time she sees him—even when she’s running away halfway across the world—he’s with another woman. She’s watched him fall in lust her entire life….”
  43. Kissing Kendall (Gone Wild Book 1) by Katee Robert
  44. Exposed (Eternal Brethren Military Romantic Suspense Book 7) by Shirleen Davies
  45. Unflappable: A Novel (a funny, dark, sexy adventure with a big cast of unconventional characters, both human and not) by Suzie Gilbert
  46. Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire (Bro Code Book 3) by Pippa Grant <— PIPPA GRANT COMEDY SPORTS ROMANCE ALERT!! HIS FLING IN THE BATHROOM IS NOW HIS NEW BOSS… “…she’s the one thing standing in the way of your dreams. And she very much doesn’t like being lied to. Now I have to convince Lila Valentine—the woman I can’t stop thinking about, my biggest regret, and my new boss—that I’m what’s best for the baseball team she’s inherited…”
  47. Before Anyone Else by Leslie Hooton
  48. White Pines Summer by Sherryl Woods
  49. The Dark Kingdom Anthology <— ANTHOLOGY ALERT!! “…Fourteen authors come together to turn your childhood stories into dark and sinful pleasures. Step into a world where everything you loved just got a lot darker. Where the line between love and taboo crosses without a second thought...”
  50. Steal My Heart (Against All Odds Book 1) by Savannah Kade
  51. Heartbreaker (Montana Justice Book 2) by B.J. Daniels
  52. Chute Yeah (The Valentine Boys Book 3) by Lani Lynn Vale <— LANI LYNN VALE ALERT!! HER EX IS A BULLRIDER… “…Oneshe was going to work her butt off and open her very own coffee shop, even if she had to die doing it. Two, Banks Valentine was the world’s worst ex-boyfriend in the history of ex-boyfriends. Even if they were only boyfriend and girlfriend for one evening. She wouldn’t sneeze on him even if he was on fire…
  53. Take Me Back (Hidden Cove Firefighters Book 9) by Kathryn Shay
  54. The Rancher takes his Best Friend’s Sister: a Sweet Marriage of Convenience Western Romance (The Rangers of Purple Heart Ranch Book 2) by Shanae Johnson
  55. Call Me Yours (Against All Odds Book 2) by Savannah Kade
  56. Sugarcoated (Hot Cakes Book 1) by Erin Nicholas <— HE TURNED HER DOWN & NOW HE’S HER COMPETITION… “…Aiden is pretty sure Zoe was equally surprised when he told her no.  To say that he didn’t handle it well would be a massive understatement. Almost as massive as the amount of work he’s going to have to do now to convince her that he wants her. Forever. Right after he tells her that he’s bought the company that’s her bakery’s biggest competitor...”
  57. Loving Liv (Gone Wild) by Stacey Kennedy
  58. Beefcakes by Stacey Kennedy
  59. Steal My Heart (Prosperity Ranch Book 2) by Heather B. Moore
  60. Sexy Love: A Sexy Series Novella (The Sexy Series Book 4) by Carly Phillips <— CARLY PHILLIPS ALERT!! THE PROFESSOR AND HIS SINGLE MOM STUDENT ALERT!! “…Single mom Amber Davis is finally living her dream of going back to college. In the ten years since she dropped out to have a baby–and recover from his father’s death–it’s been the goal that always felt just out of reach. Until now. But one look at her hot, sexy professor, and Amber is head over heels in lust. It doesn’t take long before their attraction blazes out of control. Neither of them can afford a forbidden affair. Yet it’s the one thing they are powerless to stop…”
  61. One Hot Rebel (The Johnson Brothers Book 2) by Ashlee Price
  62. Hooking a Handyman: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (ABC’s of Love Book 8) by Brenna Jacobs
  63. Genesis (Bones, Book One) (Bones Trilogy 1) by Paige P. Horne
  64. If I Never Met You: A Novel by Mhairi McFarlane <— FAKE LOVE ALERT!! “…When her partner of over a decade suddenly ends things, Laurie is left reeling—not only because they work at the same law firm and she has to see him every day. Her once perfect life is in shambles and the thought of dating again in the age of Tinder is nothing short of horrifying. When news of her ex’s pregnant girlfriend hits the office grapevine, taking the humiliation lying down is not an option. Then a chance encounter in a broken-down elevator with the office playboy opens up a new possibility...”


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