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Laszlo Horvath’s love life really gets away from him in the video for “Chastity Seatbelt”, debuting today from Lazlo and the Hidden Strength. It’s pretty shocking when it happens, because his voice is so controlled and seductive, almost like a lullaby. You don’t even realize he’s warning you, but he is. “She doesn’t realize I’ve been driving such a fast car.” He’s right, you really don’t even notice until the video points to the bodies sprawled out over the ground, Laszlo’s included (and butt naked in case you were inclined to miss it.)

I really can’t get enough of the video Alt Citizen assigns me to review, they’re so fucking strange, you really never get to see them anywhere else.

Laszlo and the Hidden Strength’s debut album also comes out today, and the record is both stranger and more listener-friendly than you would expect. The first single “Knocking” is the sort of thing I could easily play over and over and over again until I simply couldn’t listen to it anymore. It has the sort of headbanging rhythm to it that makes a single addictive. The album has the sort of wholly original sound that can only be found when an artist is truly making music for themselves and not for the sake of attracting fans (though of course they still will attract just that). Pushing the boundaries of what music can be is something that people have been doing for decades, and when it works, it really works. The track “machine” is sort of a mixture of experimentation and earworm radio, and Laszlo really finds something special with his track “In The Round” which brings to mind the best of Radiohead.

I love reviewing for Alt Citizen because I don’t necessarily have the commitment to find this sort of truly special music on my own, but it is out there. If you are willing to find it, you will.

Laszlo and The Hidden Strength will be donating the proceeds of the album to New York City COVID-19 Bailout Fund — check out their Bandcamp to purchase and support 

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