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Despite the way their relationship ended, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson discussed having a second child together on the newest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. That being said, Wendy Williams could not help but talk about their relationship on her ‘at home’ version of her talk show.

The host did not hesitate to call out the KUWK star for considering having another baby with the basketball player who cheated on her not once but twice!

Wendy made it very clear that she hopes Khloe will really think hard and for a long time before making such a decision.

As you know, the exes are already the co-parents to a baby girl – 2-year-old True.

While the idea of giving True a sibling came from Tristan, Khloe was not against using his ‘sperm’ to maybe accomplish that task.

‘Ok, I totally get it. It makes your life easier if you have all your kids with the same parent. How does that work once you get the second love of your life? It makes things a little complicated. In a perfect world, and the world is not perfect — yes, all children would be from the same mother and father. It makes visitation easier and going to graduation and making decisions easier. But, at the cost of what?’ Wendy said on her talk show that has been appearing on YouTube since the quarantine.

She mentioned how Khloe said not too long ago that she might not ever fall in love again after Tristan.


‘I don’t know Khlo. You mean, you’ll ever fall in love again unless he’s a ballplayer? Tristan has and will move on with his life. He’s still young enough and a basketball player, he’ll be dropping seeds every place before you know it,’ Wendy stated her opinion, while also shading the NBA star.

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