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Who’s in the mood for something light and fun by Kristen Ashley!!?? 🎵🎶 Oooooooh ooooooooh witchy woman… 🎵🎶 Haven’t read this one yet? Now’s your chance to lose yourself to it ’cause she’s just released book #2!! 😀 P.S. Oh I love that song. Blast from the past… I couldn’t help myself. 😉

Bev: Matilda sounded good to me from what I remember. Read the blurb way back when. Like the idea of the magic and finding out your a witch,

MichelleS: I have literally read every single KA book except Mathilda the Super Witch). I like all her “stuff”.

Lori: KA is my favorite author of all times, I’ve read everything she’s published minus Matilda.

bev: I’m going to try Matilda the Superwitch. I need something fun and light. Plus witches and magic are always fun.

bev: Having fun dipping in and out of Mathilda…

About book #1:

On Hallowe’en night, Mathilda Honeycutt finds out she’s a SuperWitch. Not the modern, hippie
kind…the real, wand-wielding, pixie-dust kind. After a life devoted to retail and coffee drinks,
Mathilda is thrown into the secret world of witches, werewolves, vampires, faeries, you name it,
it exists!

As Mathilda discovers her magic, she also discovers she’s prophesied to save the world. The
problem is, she’d rather spend her time on online auctions bidding on fabulous designer shoes.
Now, she’s got to save the world, run her coffee house and figure out what’s going on with the
silent, watchful (but yummy) Sebastian Wilding and brainy, charismatic (and hot) Dr. Aidan

Making matters worse, her nemesis is a powerful witch who doesn’t mind fighting dirty.
Will Mathilda be able to save the world while still being perfectly accessorized? And how is she
going to pick between Luscious Sebastian and Dreamy Aidan?

Lastly, will she ever get the hang of riding around on a broom?


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