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Mike Judge and Greg Daniels King of the Hill was such an entertaining and hilarious show. I’ve been rewatching it on Hulu recently and I’ve found myself laughing a lot. Turns out, the creators of the show have come up with what they think is a great idea for a series reboot.

The brought the idea to Fox a couple of years ago, but now that Disney owns Fox, the future of the show rests in their hands. Daniel’s recently talked to CB about this reboot and he said:

“Well, Mike and I got together a couple of years ago, and came up with a reboot for King of the Hill. At the time, I think that Fox didn’t want to go ahead with this, at the level that it probably deserved. We thought that they would be excited to just order it.”

Fox was initially interested in the series, but they ultimately ended up not moving forward with it. There’s still a possibility that the reboot could happen… if Disney wants it too. Daniels continues:

“At the moment, there is no plan for it. The studio was sold to Disney now, I guess, so it would be a Disney show, I think, in the future. But we do have a plan for it and it’s pretty funny. So maybe one day.”

Daniels went on to reminisce about the show and talked about how fun it would be to make a reboot. He also offers a bit of insight on their concept for the reboot.

“I mean, that was a wonderful show to work on. Yeah, that would be a super fun reboot. I feel like that is easier to reboot because you can get all the characters and they all look the same.”

“It would be something that you could decide what happens to them, and you wouldn’t have to be going, ‘Oh well, that guy’s not available.’ I mean, they’re all available because they’re cartoon characters.”

So, the audience would get to choose what happens to the characters? That seems like it would be interesting. I like the idea of an interactive King of the Hill series! What about you?

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