Kerry Washington Says Trump’s Conviction Changed Her Mind About Justice System

Kerry Washington is sad and dismayed by America’s justice system after former President Donald Trump was convicted of 34 counts of falsifying business records.

Trump’s convictions in a NYC court might be overturned after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on July 1 that former presidents can’t be charged for acts they allegedly committed while in office.

Washington shared her views about America’s justice system in a conversation with Bustle ahead of the release of Unprisoned Season 2 on July 17.


“Everything has changed in terms of how I feel about the so-called justice system,” she told the publication. “We’re in such an interesting moment when it comes to [the question of],’What is a felon?’ I love what people have been sharing on social media, [saying that] if a person who is a convicted felon can still run for president, then we should be removing that box from job applications.”

Washington, a Democrat, also said if felons can run for president, they should be able to vote, too.


“That’s huge. Huge. The irony is that [Gov.] Ron DeSantis has been trying to make it impossible in Trump’s home state [for a felon to vote],” she added. “A bill was passed in Florida to allow formerly incarcerated folks to vote, and DeSantis has been trying to do everything he can to [undermine] that. Donald Trump may not be able to vote in his home state.”

Unprisoned is a TV series starring Washington who plays a therapist and single mom. Her life is turned upside down when her dad (Delroy Lindo) gets out of prison and moves in with her and her teenage son.

The series premiered on Hulu in March 2023 and has received generally positive reviews.