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Kaitlyn Bristowe joked that her boyfriend, Jason Tartick, is doing something “so irritating” as they self-isolate amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The former Bachelorette star, 34, and her beau, 31, talked about their pet peeves while being interviewed on Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison’s Instagram Live “Group Date” with his girlfriend, Lauren Zima, on Friday, March 20.

“Here’s my problem, I’ve got serious a serious case of misophonia, so when people chew around me, like, I can’t handle the sound and that just has been, like, what’s the word I’m looking for?”

“Triggering,” Harrison, 48, suggested.

“Triggering!” Bristowe agreed. “And it’s like, he ate cereal this morning and I was not OK.”

“I’m playing doctor the last four months. I chew cereal with my mouth closed the wrong way and that’s not OK,” the banker chimed in as he laughed.

Harrison admitted to Bristowe that he also suffered from the same condition (in which common sounds prompt a strong emotional response) but “mine’s not as bad as you.”

“I can’t believe you’re saying this ‘cause I literally learned in probably the past two days that he was like this,” the Entertainment Tonight correspondent, 33, said to her boyfriend of 18 months. “I’d be eating and he’d go, ‘Why are you chewing so loudly?’”

“Yes!” the “Off the Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe” podcast host agreed. “I don’t know what it is, it’s just the sound is, like, so irritating and it sounds louder than it should and it is a trigger. People that don’t have it don’t understand how severe it is.”

“All the more reason to just drink your calories,” Zima suggested.

Tartick warned that the condition “is contagious.”

“I’ll be out with my buddies, normally I wouldn’t care at all, and then they’re chewing and I’m giving them looks and I’m like, ‘What’s happening to me?’” he said.

Tartick, who appeared on season 14 of The Bachelorette with Becca Kufrin in 2018 and began dating Bristowe in January 2019, also spoke to Harrison about new Bachelor content during the coronavirus shutdown.

“What’s the likelihood that you guys replay Kaitlyn’s season?” he asked, admitting it was a question that was “keeping us up at night.”

“I wouldn’t do that to Kaitlyn,” Harrison said of her 2015 season of The Bachelorette that sparked controversy when she allowed season 10 contestant Nick Viall to join the competition and then was slammed for sleeping with him ahead of the fantasy suite dates.

Bachelor franchise creator Mike Fleiss tweeted on Friday that they will soon be airing the “world’s greatest” episodes of The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, with Bachelor Nation picking the shows.

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