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Frans Bak – “Parting”
-I love the way the piano and the strings interact on this piece. From first listen I knew this was a piece that I wanted to be a part of my life. It’s soothing, sweet, and helps me find calm in the midst of uncertain times. It reminds me of a background song for a cinematic from World War II or something. It’s just so breathtaking and emotional. I love it.

REW<< – “Motion of Fronds”
-This track veers a bit from the typical neoclassical coverage that I do, but it’s just so delightful. I find the hypnotic repetitive sections to be quite pleasing. Then, on top of that, I really enjoy the motion and movement of the main melody. When these two seemingly simple elements meet in the composition, there’s a sweet connection. I really like the gentleness at the center of this piece.

Tom Bettis – “Floating”
-I really enjoy the delicate textures of this piece. It doesn’t come straight at the listener. It’s like a door cracking open, begging you to look in. Once the strings (or is it synth?) enter the track, there’s a new energy to it. I appreciate how mysterious and evocative the piece is. I just want to know MORE about what this is about. It’s beautiful.


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