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Jordyn Woods shared an exciting video on her social media account that makes fans happy. Check out her IG post below.

‘What’s In Your Closet Janelle and I are going head to head, guessing each other’s top five closet must-haves. Let’s see how well we really know each other, or how predictable we are. Tag a friend whose top five you could guess ✅ 👟👟👖’ she captioned her post.

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Someone said: ‘OK, critique out of love…. There are other things that would be more helpful and interesting… A reel on everyday street styles, a reel on styling must have pieces, etc. Why do we care about you both discussing must haves? Show the must haves and why they are must haves

A commenter posted this: ‘her body language was so uncomfortable like she didn’t really want to be there or she’s nervous lol.’

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One fan said: ‘Jordyn style (shared Bday 9/22) Also like brim hats, but I hardly ever get the right opportunity to wear them. Ingrid NYC’

Someone else said: ‘Def digging @jordynwoods style a bit more! But can you blame me, you’ve been owning all the looks lately!🔥🔥🔥’

Also, in other news,  Jordyn Woods   has lost some serious weight and she looks happier and healthier than ever!

That being said, Kylie Jenner’s former BFF showed off her toned body in a fashionable outfit and she was simply glowing!

This comes after    Khloe Kardashian     also dumped    Tristan Thompson   , the man with whom Jordyn also had a cheating scandal that led to her fallout with the whole Kar-Jenner clan.

Jordyn has been living her best life since she left the Kardashian clan behind.

Stay tuned to find out more details about her life.

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