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Ever since the untimely passing of rising star Pop Smoke, it seems there has been some discourse across social media about the dangers that come with being a rapper and its lifestyle.

Several artists including Blueface, 2 Chains and Waka Flocka have contributed to that conversation but it was the comments of veteran rapper Jim Jones that had people talking. 

Jim Jones recently said that being a rapper is “harder than fighting a war in Iraq,” and several people took offense to the statement. One veteran responded to Jim Jones and he decided to share their exchange, doubling down on his original sentiments.


The veteran stated, “You allowed to have your opinion without any facts or truth to it but as a Vet and a hip hop fan, I found it extremely disrespectful and ignorant.”

The vet then described his experience fighting in the Iraq war.

“Here’s some facts, my unit which fought in Iraq 2004 lost more Marines in two months than “rappers” in the past 3 years. Keep taking but there is zero comparison!”

Jim Jones gave a lengthy response to the vet:

“Here are facts every n***a I grew up wit is either dead or in jail so u wanna compare death tolls it won’t add u went to army n met n****s U never knew or grew up wit I grew up wit all these n****s all my life so it hit different u wanna continue this debate Yal was shootin at kids n innocent by standers in (the) midst of shootin at (the) enemy we was kids shootin at kids n tht mentality spilt over to success. Remember u knew who ur enemies were we don’t and everybody knows who we are because of our notoriety so how u protect urself from enemies u can’t see. We all were (the) same uniform everyone is drippy. But y’all had American uniforms on and the enemy had (their) uniform on. You had (the) choice of goin to war we didn’t we was at war when we was born. Let (the) church say.”

Roommates, what are your thoughts on this debate about rappers? Let us know.


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