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Photo: Jenna Leigh

Jeffrey Krantz left home in Iowa to travel the world and tour over 200 days a year, then finally achieved his dream of living in Nashville. Only true musicians think this way.

A little bit psychedelic a little bit rock n roll, Krantz’s firebrand style earned him a finalist spot on MTV’s music competition, American Supergroup, and nonstop work in the Honky Tonks of Music City. His brand of psychedelicized power-pop now weaves together the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll with alternative stylings, all dangling from his catchy melodies.

On the new single, “Beach (Moonlight Rendezvous)” Krantz reminds us that singing about the beach doesn’t have to be about global warming or plastic pollution, it can be just plain retro Beach Blanket Bingo let’s-dance-and-hook-up fun, fun, fun. 

So how do you convey that when you’re voluntarily landlocked? Krantz described for Elmore how an indie artist throws a party:

“Having a song called ‘Beach,’ I knew the vid had to be filmed on a beach, but living in Nashville, TN, there aren’t a whole lot to shoot on. Luckily, I have a friend who’s got a place on the beach in Amelia Island, FL, so I got the directors and my band together, and we hopped in my van to make the trek down south. We weren’t sure what the weather was going to be like, considering we filmed it last November, but it worked out great. It was crazy windy a couple of the days, but I think it added a cool element of movement. The directors insisted on putting a scene with a bunch of ladies in bikinis as well, so how can I say ‘No’ to that? It took us about three days to film, and was a blast! Shoutout to Southern Cabin Films for doing a super righteous job.”


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