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Jacob Reddy is hitting us with an energetic love song in ‘Outside the Box’. With elements of pop and folk wrapped around a catchy melody, he displays a musicality that is far beyond his years. The teenage indie-pop singer builds a rousing soundscape that connects with listeners. Telling the story of thinking outside the box to win the affections of someone special, he has you bopping to his rhythm before you know what hit you.

While still young, he has been playing the electric guitar since age 7 and has been living and breathing music ever since. Through his music, he looks to infuse the same wonder he feels when watching bands perform live.

‘Outside the Box’ jangles into your ears with an addictive guitar line. There is a touch of country to the melody that wraps itself around some good old-fashioned folk-pop. The strumming tone of the music has your foot tapping through the verses only to have you dancing on the chorus. There is this drumline that has your muscles moving before you realise what is happening. The piano line is a light interlude that skips across the drums. There is something utterly infectious about the melody that makes you want to smile while getting down to the vocals.

Reddy’s vocals have you smiling as you listen to his performance. If the melody gets you into the vibe of the song, his voice will have you completely addicted to his music. There is a light gruffness to his voice even as it shines against the guitar-driven melody. The chorus is really catchy and will have you singing along and shouting that you also think outside the box. The lyrics have a vibrant youth to them while offering an insightful depth into the risks you might take for someone special.

Jacob Reddy shakes off the cobwebs in your brain and rouses you into thinking ‘Outside the Box’. With a guitar-driven melody that brings a touch of country and folk to pop, he has you tapping your feet and smiling. His vocals add an extra vibrant layer that gets you addicted to his sound and loving every second of the single.

Find out more about Jacob Reddy on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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