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Whew! Just when we thought things were finally calmed down, the tea kettle started whistling again! Alexis Skyy and Ari Fletcher traded fighting words for a second day on social media, and this time things got ugly.

I hope y’all have your cups because we are ready to pour up! We knew it was about to get real when the argument became deeply personal as both the women’s children were mentioned.

Now in case y’all were MIA on Saturday, there was a big debacle on Twitter between Alexis, Ari, Jayda Cheaves (Lil Baby’s boo) and Masika Kalysha, with everyone pretty much going at Alexis.

To catch up on what started all this, click here.

As far as today’s beef goes, it all started with a few subliminals shared by Ari and Alexis.

Ari made the first move by talking about the importance of being a parent over being a bad b***h. A lot of people felt this was aimed at Alexis.

Then Alexis posted a video about her “natural” beauty while a clip from the horror movie “Saw” played in the background. Now people definitely saw this as a dig toward Ari given that Alexis said she looked like the villain from the horror franchise during their previous exchange.

After that, the gloves basically came off as Ari decided to “@” Alexis in her following message, which shed light on their complicated history:

Alexis got on the defense and fired off a barrage of tweets at Ari:

Ari ended it with this final parting shot before things eventually calmed down between them:

Whew! In all seriousness, we hope these influencers and mothers work out their differences so they can at least be cordial around one another, but given the fact that kids were brought up, that may be a while for Alexis Skyy and Ari.

We’ll keep you posted on this one, Roomies.



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