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TikTok is the latest trend. But can you get famous off of the Chinese-owned platform? I’m not sure if you can build a meaningful audience through TikTok.  Everybody is trying to build popularity off these platforms which also makes it difficult. Plus, the concept of building off a platform, then starting another site is no longer new.

Is TikTok more than a passing fad? I don’t know, but do you remember when Snapchat was hyped as the next big thing?

Don’t get me wrong, TikTok does have some features that makes it stand out. TikTok is all about fun. Hence, it’s not really a place for brands and social media marketers, it’s all about fun.

Hashtags, lip synchs and the ByteDance are the pillars of the platform. The algorithm quickly learns each user and taste and then rolls out an endless stream of content hooking the user. People spend about 45 minutes a day on the platform.

Users aren’t pressured to build a sizable audience or at least that doesn’t seem to be the goal like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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