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Is Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex using her husband, Prince Harry to up her own image?

It’s no secret that Prince Harry, youngest son of Prince Charles hates the media. We can’t exactly blame him given how they contributed to the death of his mother, Princess Diana. Now, they’re going after his wife, Meghan. Though, something seems to be off with the way a lot of photos are staged. We’re not saying they’re faked by any means. Harry is often seen frowning in photos while his former actress spouse is always smiling. The couple said they don’t want to be hounded. They’ve left their royal duties in favor of a more quiet life. So, if they want this, why is Meghan always smiling? Is she simply using her more famous husband to up her own image?

Say What You Want About Meghan

[Credit: Slate]

It’s no secret there are racists who will say anything to bring the former actress to her knees. When she and Harry got engaged, everyone was so happy that the ex party prince had finally found his life partner and was ready to settle down. However, all the good things people had to say about Meghan diminished faster than anyone could have imagined.

The press were printing nasty things about her just as they were when she and Harry were dating. However, this piece is not judging the duchess. It’s just an observation of what has being seen as of late.

We need to remember that the duchess and her husband are regular human beings with emotions. Do you all know what those are? You do? Great! Let’s move on. What is being said about her is hurtful, however, do they like being the targets of social media trolls – looking at you Samantha or should we say, Yvette Markle! – and tabloid fodder? No, absolutely not! It’s no wonder the Daily Mail in the UK is being sued.

Unrealistic Expectations

[Credit: iTV]

While we are not fans of Meghan, we do no want see her hurt in any way, shape, or form. People cannot accept the changes that are sweeping through the traditionalist British Royal Family. However, in a recent Daily Mail article, the late Princess Margaret’s friend and former Lady-in-Waiting, Lady Glenconner has said that the Duchess of Sussex thought she would gain instant popularity due to being a royal wife like her sister-in-law, Catherine.

Lady Glenconner has also stated that royal life is also quiet boring as she herself had experienced it as a lady-in-waiting. Her comments about Meghan only back up what we’ve thought from the beginning. The Duchess of Sussex is using her new platform to further her own image. When she was in Hollywood, the only role she was really known for was for playing Rachel Zane on the legal drama, Suits. She was a B-list actress with only one well-known role to her name.

Meghan also thought she would be as popular and as well loved as Catherine. Boy, was she wrong! There’s so much more to being a royal that just shaking hands and having tea with the Queen. Just because you’re married to one of the royal family’s most beloved sons, doesn’t automatically mean you’re instantly loved.

Ambitious Or Double Standards?

Could it be possible that Meghan and Harry have double standards when it comes to the press? It certainly looks that way if you sit back and think about it.

When you look at recent photos of Harry and Meghan together, only the duchess is smiling like she’s looking for the perfect photo opportunity. Here’s a slideshow to show what we mean:

As you can see from the photos above, Meghan is smiling directly at the camera while Prince Harry is either not paying attention, frowning, or scowling as if to say ‘get away from me.’ We understand the prince’s feelings towards the media given the role they played in his mother’s death.

Meghan has been in Hollywood where the press had a field day with her every time she hit the red carpet for some luxury event. Being in Hollywood isn’t something you just forget about. If Meghan’s stories about not fitting into any type of acting role are accurate, then we can say that being relatively unknown before she started dating Harry is the largest understatement.

Before her relationship with Harry became public, not only was Meghan an actress in a well-known legal drama, she was also a blogger. She had a website called The Tig where she was editor-in-chief. While she is no longer running the website, it is still active but there are no articles. The blog shut down in 2017. Her social media accounts remained active until 2018.

Not Liking The Media Or Just A Ruse?

[Credit: Quora]

Harry’s stance on the media has always been evident, but Meghan’s doesn’t appear to be the same. Before they met, they very different careers. She was an actress who was use to the spotlight while he was a royal who had been in the press pretty much his whole life and hated what it did to his mother. However, as we showed above in the slideshow, Meghan is using her husband as her platform to up her image. She’s always smiling in the direction of the camera.

Her late mother-in-law Diana and sister-in-law Catherine sometimes look at the camera when you see them in photos. Diana hated the press as much as her sons would as adults. Though, given Harry’s age at the time of his mother’s passing, he was evidently more traumatised by the event than his brother as they grew up.

The press have hounded Meghan from pretty much the second it was announced she and Harry were seeing each other. It got to the point where Harry had to issue a press release pleading with the media to leave his then girlfriend alone. With his previous relationships, he would never have done this as the women he dated were well known in Britain and they were his type. They knew the pressures of being royal as they’d dated the prince and saw his life was not something they wanted.

Meghan claims to dislike the media, but it looks like it’s a ruse because she’s always looking for attention. Normally, any smart person who wants their photo taken would smile and look and at the camera. This is what she is doing. She doesn’t hate the media; she craves it.

Blindsided By Love?


To see the joy on Prince Harry’s face after seeing him struggle to come to terms with his mother’s death is amazing to see. But, is his future really with Meghan? Yes, they have a son together but was William right when he told his brother his relationship with Meghan was moving too fast?

It’s obvious that Harry is head over heels for Meghan but is her love for him true or just a ruse because of his status? Also, she apparently claimed not to know who he was before they started dating when she was familiar with his mother. If she was such a fan of the late Diana, she would have known Harry was her son, wouldn’t she?

Diana was one of the most photographed women in the world. Everyone, including Meghan would have seen a young Harry walking behind his mother’s coffin with his brother, uncle, father, and grandfather. He’s also son of the future King of England. America is fascinated by the British and it’s basically impossible to not know who the prince is.

Cashing In On The Term ‘Royal’

[Credit: Quora]

We know Harry would never cash in on the term ‘royal’ as he and his whole family have the image of ‘perfection’ as the British royal family. However, having the word in an Instagram handle for example would be something Meghan would want.

Since the duke and duchess have now stepped down as senior royals to have a more independent life as a ‘normal’ family with their son, Archie away from the UK. However, the Queen has made it quite clear they cannot use the term ‘royal’. The couple is believed to have thrown a tantrum saying the monarch does not own the rights the word.

One of the charities the duchess supports has changed its phrasing on its website to omit ‘HRH’ (Her Royal Highness) and ‘royal’ from the nod to Meghan. This makes sense in the grand scheme of things. She and Harry have given up senior royal duties so therefore, they forfeit the right to use the words and phrasing that associates them with the family.

Image Is Not Everything

[Credit: Quora]

Many people have this pitch perfect image in their minds of what it means to be a royal. They need to be prim and proper and kind ad just while serving the Queen. However, there are those who are saying Meghan and Harry have disrespected the monarch by stepping away from the family to forge their own path.

Since it was announced that the Sussexes weren’t going to be spending Christmas 2019 with the royals, many have called them disrespectful. The reason? Family comes first and it might’ve been the last Christmas for the elderly Prince Philip who will be 99 later this year.

No matter how much damage control Harry and Meghan do, they’re always the centre of issues they themselves created. For example, they were blasted for taking a private jet but had spoken about lowering air pollution. This was something William and Catherine came under fire for too.

Another issue that arises with Harry and Meghan is how they’re portrayed in the tabloids. Whether we believe the duchess was the reason for the rift between her husband and brother-in-law, we’re not sure. Though, we do think Meghan planned to become a royal and knew her mutual friend would come through for her.

Every week there’s a new tabloid story claiming one thing or rehashing something else that has already been said like the couple are getting a divorce or one of them has cheated or walked out. As disgusting as these stories are, it’s like the tabloids are forcing the public to hate the couple.

Who Was Meghan Before Harry?

[Credit: USA Network]

Before she even met Harry, very few people knew who Meghan even was. People had always been interested in the prince’s love life and knew about Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davies. However, everyone was stretching their heads monkey style wondering who the hell Meghan Markle was. The only people who knew she was is the audience who watched Suits.

Basically, she was a nobody before she met Harry and used his status as a royal to up her own image. While we do no condone all the cruel things that have been said about the duchess by anyone, especially her wicked and vile half-sister, Samantha, Meghan has managed to ruin a family dynamic.

She has forced Harry to give up his relationship with his family for a life with her. However, in the beginning, she gave up her acting career for him and moved away from her mother to the other side of the world. This doesn’t make it okay to isolate him from his family which includes his nephews and niece whom he’s very close to. Sure, there’s video chats via Skype or Face Time but it’s not the same as being able to see them whenever you want.

Keep Calm, Keep Quiet

The Royal family of England has a philosophy: if the press says something vile about you, just ignore it. In a nutshell, this means don’t add fuel to the fire. However, Meghan has gone and upended this whenever she’s had the chance. While she’s entitled to her privacy and the Daily Mail had zero right to publish that private letter to her father, she shouldn’t go around suing the publications every time something bad is printed about her.

Not only is it unethical, it is also a massive waste of money. Given she’s just one person who has the presumedly backing of her husband and his family. You can’t get everyone to like you. You can’t sue every publication, thinking they’re trying to ruin you. No, you need to realise that when it comes to the royal family, you don’t sit around eating bon bons. You actually have to work. Lady Glenconner was right in her statement about the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan, we doubt you’re reading this right now, but if you are, please hear our pleas. How you are being treated is only one side of the story. Yes, the media is terrible, but they’re not the bad guy. Some want to hear you out. If you’re with Harry, please tell him that what happened to his mother was tragedy but not all the media are scum.

It’s okay to be human and vulnerable, but at the same time, demanding something doesn’t mean you’ll receive it. Telling the press to keep their distance is a sure fire way to have them come after you. Once your time as senior royals come to an end, you will no longer have the Queen’s guidance. Trend carefully.

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