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That question was answered in a definitive way during this episode, but it’s not a choice that comes easy to Charlie, especially when it comes to her delicate new relationship with the Legends. “I think her biggest problem right now is allowing herself to trust them. They keep telling her again and again that ‘we’re by your side, we’ve got this, together we can do this.’ And she’s just trying so hard to find excuses to not believe that, but again and again they’re showing her they’re still here.” 

For Richardson-Sellers her time with Sara (Caity Lotz) was vital to Charlie’s eventual decision. “I think it’s great that she was able to go off with Sarah for this episode because out of all of them, you know, she’s had huge problems with her family [and] lost so much,” she says. “I think she’s the one who best understands Charlie at her core. She doesn’t at all try and lecture her or berate her, she just gives her the space to talk. So Charlie’s able to open up about the emotional side of what’s happening and that really sort of brings them closer, which helps propel them into the inevitable encounter as well. When she goes in, she knows that Sara’s by her side. That changes everything and it gives her that final burst of confidence to actually stand up to her sisters.” 

Speaking of those sisters, viewers recently discovered the truth about Charlie, that she’s one of the Moirai better known as the Sisters of Fate. The trio are Ancient Greek gods who controlled the life and death of every being on Earth using the mythical object known as the Loom of Fate. But Charlie’s been on the run from her siblings for millennia since she smashed the Loom in order to give humans free will. That history comes crashing into light today when it’s revealed that Lachesis is actually Astra’s mentor in Hell who we’ve seen controlling John Constantine’s fate in previous episodes. That connection allows the sisters to find Charlie, leading to the horrific events of the third act. 

“It definitely brings it home and I think it puts Constantine in a really interesting place because he’s there in his head trying to sort of help and save Astra and rewrite her path. Meanwhile, Astra is helping the sisters hunt them down, so it’s inevitable that they’re all going to collide at some point,” Richardson-Sellers tells me. “But Aster as well, she’s been through so much and dealt with so much loss. So she’s also going to be forced to confront who she is at her core. Is she going to stick by the sort of angry, bitter, twisted person that she has become? Or is she going to try and move past that and try and find the good that was in her before all of the tragedy happened?” 

The arrival of Charlie’s sisters on the Waverider leads to the death of a fan favorite character, Behrad, which is another monumental loss for Charlie and introduces a huge conflict for the remainder of the season. “It’s huge because in this new reality that we’re living in since the end of last season, Behrad was her best friend. Now she’s lost her best friend as well as her bandmates. It really reminds her just why she’s doing what she’s doing and just how dangerous her sisters are. I think it cements a mental determination to beat them and find a way forward where they don’t win. So it’s tragic, but it’s also necessary as a huge piece of her journey to staying true to who she is rather than being in any way tempted by the illusions that her sisters try and brainwash her with.” 

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