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The suffocation scene was supposed to be longer, explains Pemberton on the podcast. “But we were aware that, because [Morales] didn’t want to cut away, we’d have a nightmare in the edit.” To Shearsmith he jokes, “You were just talking about how you nearly died?”

“You were just on top like a tonne of bricks!” Shearsmith tells Pemberton, who’d been told to press all of his weight onto his co-star’s face through the pillow.

Through shared laughter, Shearsmith describes filming the scene: “It was absolutely hellish and it was quite frightening. Of course, I could control it, I could get my mouth to the side and you were shoving with all your might – you had to for the acting – but there was one point,” he laughs, telling Pemberton, “you managed to get my mouth covered, properly suffocating me, and I thought, actually ‘I don’t quite know what to do now. I can’t say a safe word.’ I think we had a thing where I would try and bang your legs or something but I was doing that anyway! I was, at one point, fighting for my life, but it’s effective.”

Pemberton agrees, “It’s worth it! It’s worth it,” concluding, “It’s a horrible, horrible scene.” One of many in Inside No. 9‘s delightfully twisted universe.

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