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This message is repeated in rhyming text on 12 spreads. As mother buckles the car-seat
belt, the child asks, “Mama, I will miss you. What do you do all day?” On the
left side of subsequent spreads Mama moves through her day in an office constantly
thinking of her child—even peeking at baby pictures during a meeting. The right-hand
page shows the child happily playing at day care. The final four spreads show
them cheerfully together again for evening rituals: bath, reading time, and
bedtime. Both mother and child have dark skin with straight black hair. The
pair share the same persistent smile and pink dot cheeks, and their clothing
and dispositions are consistently sunny and bright. The pages are decorated
with birds, hearts, and flowers. Readers will note that their days are rather
unrealistically stress-free. There are no tantrums or guilty feelings in this
idealized world (and also no parental partner). And never mind that Mama might
actually think about work at work.

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