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Art by Enne Goldstein, you can find more of their work here

Pottery — “Hot Like Jungle”

“Hot Like Jungle” is a top contender for my new favorite love song and further emphasizes that there’s no one out there doing it now quite like Pottery. While so many of their contemporaries are filled with angst (albeit rightfully slow), this is a beautifully human depiction of love and intimacy and I’m sold. The accompanying video done by their own Paul Jacobs only makes me love the song more. Groovy, dreamy — a timeless track for the band.


Rina Sawayama — SAWAYAMA

Rina Sawayama just came to claim the crown of pop. She elevates the genre with an industrial edge, while honoring its most famous predecessors with strong 90s pop and r&b influences. This is maybe best illustrated on “STFU” (a personal favorite of mine), while “XS” is more closely aligned with Britney, Christina, and even Destiny’s Child, and “Who’s Gonna Save U Now?” is tinged with stadium rock meets diva dramatics. After listening to this record, I can’t remember the last time I was this stoked to see a solo artist live — and if there isn’t insane choreography for her and the backup dancers I’m expecting, I’m gonna be sorely disappointed. Great nostalgia throwback, with a fun, updated twist.


Sorry — “Perfect”

No, you don’t need to refresh your browser. Yes, those are the proper display settings for the video. The ironically pixilated “perfect”, “I’m perfect”, “you’re perfect” flash across the screen during the video’s intro giving off a mid-2000s tumblr vibe (an era I think the band would’ve thrived during). Filmed in what appears to be a bathtub, between the darkness, strobing, and the battling voices, there’s a heightened sense of claustrophobia and inner turmoil. Bringing up the devil seems to be a recurring theme in their songs and visuals, there’s this push and pull of dark versus light that’s mirrored in the song’s dynamics.


Junk Drawer — ‘Ready For The House’ 

Junk Drawer is the kind of band I hope and wish and pray to stumble across. The Belfast quartet fuses post-punk, psychedelia, and whirring madness into emotionally fraught and thoughtfully honest tracks. They’re a band that clearly gives a fuck about what they think and feel and aren’t afraid to let you know. Whether they’re impassioned or exhausted by the weight of it all, they continue to articulate highly personal stories of mental health struggles.

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