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Let’s be honest, earphones are our life. So much so that we would rather take a detour and get them back (from home) than spend time traveling without them. When it comes to earphones, majorly there are two types-wired and non-wired.
It doesn’t matter whether we prefer the attachments (read: wires) or love to live freely (through wireless earphones), these constant companions of ours need all the care to make sure that they don’t face an untimely demise leaving us sad and disappointed. The best way to do that is by following these simple tips and tricks to maintain them.

But even before you start taking care of wireless earphones make sure to buy a good quality pair!

Why, you ask?

Well, good quality earphones are more of an investment that will pay back with interest in the long run. The better the built quality the longer they will last.
Contrary to popular belief, good quality wireless headphones don’t always cost a bomb as long as you know the things to look for before choosing one and check online reviews, of course!

Now that we have cleared the basics, let’s get down to the business of taking care of wireless earphones.


Store them Properly
Shots X5 CHARGE Truly Wireless Earphones

Storing them is the key factor to make them last longer. The storage units make sure that your earphones don’t go through unnecessary rough handling and have a longer lifespan. So, even if you happen to be a tosser, with the protective shield around the earphones, they can be stored anyway. Most earphones come with their protective pouch where the earbuds can be properly stored instead of being dumped unceremoniously in the bag.

Apart from this, the storage case also prevents the dust and mud to enter the earbud, thereby improving the earphone’s life expectancy.

In most cases, a good hard case should do the trick. It would prevent the headphones from bending or squashed easily while also forming a protective barrier against natural elements and not to forget losing one earpiece (in case of truly wireless earbuds).


Keep the Moisture at Bay
Shots SPORT Truly Wireless Earphones

Though nature is good for us, it’s not necessarily true for gadgets. Introduction of just a bit of moisture and you’ll never hear the end of it. This case, however, does not apply to water-resistant earbuds. But with that being said, do check the IP rating as the higher the rating, more resistant are the earphones to the water.
But in case your earphones have caught on a bit of H2O then make sure to dry them off immediately. You can sun-dry or towel dry them, or even keep them in a rice box but refrain from using a dryer on them as strong bouts of air can damage the delicate parts of the earphones.


Keep them Clean
Shots X3 BASS Truly Wireless Earphones

Cleanliness is next to godliness and that’s true for earphones as well. Proper maintenance of earphones starts from keeping them clean. You can keep your earphones clean with a solution and a dry piece of cloth. Wipe them across the body and certainly on the earbuds to maintain the hygiene. Do this once a week to ensure that they not only look good but also prevent debris from settling in which would ultimately affect the sound and block them completely in the long run.

Apart from these basic ones, other TLC for your earphones include –
Not overcharging them – Charging them over a stipulated time is a big no-no! It not only reduces the playback time but also in certain cases cause them to burst. However, the provided charging case for Truly Wireless Earbuds is an exception to this rule as they are meant as storage and charging unit.
Don’t plug them into the device with the volume cranked up to the highest level. This comes as a shock to the earphones, as a result, damages the sound-producing parts of the earbuds.

So, there you have it! These are some of the ways you can improve the life expectancy of your earphones.

But it just doesn’t end here! Now don’t forget to take care of the most important part- your ears! Make sure that you don’t listen to music for a longer period at the high volume and do take breaks in between long listening session. And as much as you enjoy your music the sound of nature isn’t that bad either, so once in a while give your wireless earphones a bit of break and just enjoy the natural sounds.


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