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The festive season is fast approaching which loosely translates into traveling time. Whether you’re traveling to your hometown or looking to tick off one more destination from your bucket list, one item that is going to be our constant companion are your earphones.

They are our distractors in the long course of the journey at the same time keeping us calm and rested before the vacay bug bites us and adrenaline kicks in.

But despite being frequently used, it is a little tricky to find the perfect pair of travel-friendly wireless earphones. To solve this, we have compiled a bunch of features to look out for while choosing them.

It doesn’t matter whether your trip is long or short, earphones need to be comfortable and should not create unnecessary pressure over your head or in your ears. The tip to finding the perfect fit is to find the right ear tip.

Apart from the usage, these earphones should be of durable built, light and extremely handy to be carried easily preferably with a case in case of earbuds.

Product Suggested: Noise Tune Elite Bluetooth Neckband

Noise Tune Elite Neckband Bluetooth Headphones


The long flights, train or a bus journey has got one thing in common – battery drainage. This is why it is important to go for earphones that last longer than a couple of hours or at least have the in-built battery juice up on its own so that they can last at least the whole leg of the journey.

Product suggested: Noise Shots X5 CHARGE with a battery back case of 2200mAh battery

Noise Shots X5 Charge

 Apart from charging up the earphones, it can also double up as an emergency power bank and charge your smartphone.


Music or podcasts are best enjoyed with freedom and nothing signifies freedom more than Bluetooth headphones. With a minimum of 4.2 version or a 5.0 version, these earphones are must for a good and seamless connection that lets you enjoy music with your smartphone in the bag and not having to worry about holding onto it.

Product Suggested: Shots X1 AIR Truly Wireless Earbud 

 Noise Shots X1 Air


What good are earphones if they don’t continue to give a mind-blowing music experience. They need to deliver rich, clear, crisp surround sound with a lot of emphasis on bass and more importantly need to be static free for that amazing music experience.

Another feature that forms an integral part of sound quality is the lack of sound leakage. The earphones need to be free of sound leakage which also conversely helps in sound-cancelling as well allowing the fellow commuters to enjoy their journey while you enjoy yours.

Product Suggested: Shots X3 BASS and Shots X-Buds for the superior sound

 Noise Shots X3 Bass


Just because of your traveling doesn’t mean you have to dress shabbily. So pick a pair of earphones that looks good as well. So, before you choose one, make sure to try out a couple of pairs before taking the call for the perfect one. As long as you are comfortable and confident in wearing one, you are good to go.

Product Suggested: Noise Shots X-Buds Truly Wireless Headphones

Noise Shots X-Buds

As long as you cover these 5 basic but important pointers, you’ll be can easily pick up the next travel-friendly earphones for yourself.

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