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Anyone in the market for a foam roller, may be interested in the aptly named HotRock, due to its ability to heat up past 160°F. HotRock is the only physical therapist approved foam roller with intense heat technology to help relieve sore muscles faster. Earlybird pledges are available at a 50% discount from just $89 or £69 and worldwide shipping is expected to take place during May 2020.

“Heat, massage and myofascial release improve mobility, decrease pain and soreness, assist in healing injuries and speed up recovery and relaxation. Unlike microwave-heated rollers that lose heat and can’t be regulated by the user, HotRock is the only advanced foam roller that heats up past 160° F in less than 4 minutes and stays that way. Use the built-in LCD control panel to adjust the temperature for your every need: lower heat for sensitive body parts or increased heat on muscles and joints for deeper therapy.”

“Dr. Tony Rocklin PT, DPT, COMT began designing the perfect foam roller for his patients and athletes. High heat, temperature control and tissue depth were critical features he wanted the roller to possess in order to create the optimal amount of increased vasodilation, muscle relaxation and relief of soreness. By engineering consistently high temperatures into HotRock, HotRock creates deep myofascial release and high temperatures which have been proven to improve mobility, decrease pain and soreness, assist in injury healing and speeds up recovery and relaxation.”

“To keep it simple: heat matters! The greater the temperature, the greater increase in blood flow, bringing in more oxygen and nutrients while flushing out any debris from injury. This, as well as increased metabolic rate of activity in that area, optimizes healing and recovery. Soft tissue massage and myofascial release improves tissue health and tolerance, aiding in recovery from endurance training to daily muscle aches.”

Source : Indiegogo

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