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Experimental rock group Horse Lords debuted The Common Task this week, an album made to unite the people. The 41 minute project toys with elements like free jazz and Saharan guitar notes within the greater context of its microtonal, flowing structure. The Common Task feels like the perfect album to dip your toes into the experimental rock world, an endeavor that has become much less daunting in the days of self-quarantine. If nothing else, I urge you to listen through ‘Integral Accident’, the near 19-minute conclusion to the project. It perfectly captures the feeling of the rest of the album, building until its frightening yet intriguing end.

A mixture of bagpipes and antiquated dial tones on ‘The Radiant City’ are somehow predictive of the dystopian St. Patrick’s day we’ve experienced in 2020. The Common Task was produced for the people before the people really needed it. But now it echoes the apocalyptic route to an ultimate utopia, or at least a comfortable resolution, that we’re dealing with today. Horse Lords, formed in 2012, comes from Baltimore, MD. Now more than ever would be a great time to support them and all of your favorite artists through their own sites or Bandcamp.

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