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Could there be another Shaw baby on the way?

2020 has not been kind to Jasmine Delaney. First, she gets caught up the hospital siege that claims the life of her friend and colleague, Mason Morgan. Then, her husband Robbo dies after being involved in a car crash. Also, her best friend, Willow almost left town with her (ex) girlfriend, Alex. But would her situation be looking up with the possible hint at her carrying a Shaw baby?

Second Thoughts On Having Kids

Before she and Robbo married, Jasmine made it clear that she didn’t want to have kids. However, her views changed when she and her husband looked over his daughter with their friend Tori who spent six weeks after her baby’s birth in a coma. She came to forge a close bond with the little girl and became a surrogate mother to her.

Despite losing Robbo, Tori promised the grieving widow that Grace would always be a part of her life, even if the baby’s father was gone and she could see her whenever she wanted.

Pregnancy Symptoms

It’s been weeks since Robbo’s death and Jasmine is still coming out of her grief bubble. However, she thought she was ready to go back to work with Tori. However, after seeing a patient in a similar situation Robbo had been before he died, she decides she is not ready. She has also been feeling run down which is understandable, given her grief over losing her husband.

Though, the tiredness hasn’t worn off. According to Back to the Bay spoilers, Jasmine will realise something isn’t right when she checks her period app and learns her period is 47 days late.

Stressed Or Pregnant?

Now, it’s natural for hormones to muck up the monthly cycles when a woman is under stress. The average length of a cycle is 28 days though they are known to go over this to about 35 days. If it’s over this period, it can be classified as missed. Depending on when Jasmine’s last period was and when she and Robbo last had sex, it’s likely she is pregnant.

So, let’s just say that Jasmine’s cycle average is 28 days and she is pregnant, how long would she be? Well, she would be about a month and a half along. if our maths in correct.

Does this mean that Grace will be getting a little sibling? Possibly, if Jasmine is pregnant and she goes to full term, but something tells that if she is, something tragic will happen. Why do we think she won’t have a Shaw baby? It’s a soap opera, right? If a character has had a baby, and then another finds out they’re preggers, the newly pregnant one will lose the baby. It’s common soapie rules.

We love Jasmine as a character and we hope she is pregnant and that she does go full term. She’s been through so much already this year and we hate to see her lose something else that links her to Robbo.

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